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mimoUSA Electric Supercharger?

NSXTech said:
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First let me say that they are all a waste of time and money on an NSX, but I think most of you have missed at least part of the point.

Although the NSX intake is pretty darn efficient and on an otherwise stock engine there is not much to be gained from fancy/expensive replacements for the air box & filter, yet how many of you have replaced the stock air box and/or filter, or intend to? And I suspect that none of you laugh this loud at the idea of a K&N filter or equivalent for a Civic. Why? Because you believe that the stock air box and filter are restricting the inflow of air. Ever seen a “ram air” intake scoop? The real ones aren’t just for cooler air, they also provide a small increase in plenum pressure reducing how hard the engine needs to “suck” to draw air in. Now open your mind just a little bit and extend that concept to an electric blower. But forget about measurable “boost”, think of it as a ram intake that doesn’t require the car to be moving 30mph before it does anything meaningful, or just as a less restrictive air box and filter. So if your expensive CT intake is worth the price you paid, then isn’t this worth $60?

Probably not. First of all I question whether it can sustain 250 CFM, but even if it can, what happens when your NSX demands more than that? Get in the way at best, and over-spin and eventually disintegrate at worst, taking your engine with it as Mark described.

I’m not a mathematician or any kind of engineer, so it may be that this is useless even on a small displacement anemic engine with crappy intake path and well under 250 CFM peak demand, but most of the ridicule I see here is not based on careful thought, knowledge, or mathematics.
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but most of the ridicule I see here is not based on careful thought, knowledge, or mathematics

Ojas clearly stated the case against those things: It takes significant power to drive a genuine supercharger. At 12V it is impossible to deliver the amps required to drive sustained FI.

This is the classic "I want to believe", it sounds like it should work but cannot under any circumstances. Leverage in little misdirected knowledge, an attractive price break and add a whole lot of smoke (making something fairly complicated and making it "layman simple").

Result: a very appealing scam.

Here is what was discounted:
- The power required to drive FI
- How this power CANNOT be achieved from a 12V system
- A clear example of a genuine electric supercharger link was given

Clearly the device cannot work *UNDER ANY MEANINGFUL CIRCUMSTANCES*

And YET a request was +maintained+ to hear testamonials. Why even ask for facts when you aren't even going to listen to them????

It wasn't ridicule: Scuba tanks would work as you have 3000 PSI to work with! However, by time you engineer a back flow, delivery and metering systems....heck, just buy a CTSC at retail.

/life is NOT simple.
Drew, I did say "most" of the ridicule. These posts (and there have been many over the years) always include a bunch of people laughing at a product without any of the facts you mentioned. This time a few good people did offer a bit more "meat" on the subject, which was nice. But I think you still miss my point, because you are imagining "FI" in the sense of positive manifold pressure. No, it can't do that, but none of the math presented says that 12vdc (more like 14+) can't supply enough flow to effectively reduce the restrictive nature of the intake tract within the CFM range that it can sustain. I won't go through it again, reread my prior post, but many of the same people laughing at this don't laugh at dropping 10x as much on an air-box and filter intended to accomplish exactly the same thing.
BTW, I never meant that Drew was ridiculing others. No, not at all. He and the others attempting to infuse a few facts were great. My comments were directed only at people who automatically ridicule a product in a way that indirectly ridicules the person asking the question, without any personal knowledge or understanding of the subject. Not really a big deal, just rubbed me a bit wrong today, possibly because I’ve been there.

Although I completely agree that it can't work on an NSX and therefore is a scam in this context, I've always wondered if it had any merit on something smaller. True confessions time: A buddy had a Honda 600 porthole coupe "back in the day" but he wouldn't let me bolt on the fan I bought at a junk yard, so I used it on my Dad's Opel Kadett Rally. (like this but the original yellow & black paint scheme: (http://epage.com/js/mi/1621631.html) Luckily he was cool and has a sense of humor.

True story, long time ago. The Opel had "too much engine" for the fan but with the filter out it sure sounded faster! :D Seriously, I wanted to bolt that fan on the anemic Honda but Chris wouldn’t bite. (smarter than he looked!) Anyway, even back then we hoped that such a thing might improve intake efficiency. It probably would have had zero benefit on the Honda but the right fan on the right (small) engine, I'm not so sure. Of course, any engine that would benefit is too weak to be of interest in the first place, but in those days we'd try anything on whatever we had. At least some of us would. Fortunately that was long before eBay and unlimited scammers selling all manner of junk. Well, there were a few in the back of magazines, but nothing like today because it was to expensive to advertise.
sjs said:
... my Dad's Opel Kadett Rally. (like this but the original yellow & black paint scheme...
Oh my - I remember that car well. Or at least a specific ride in it! You scared the crap out of me driving your rally circuit, or whatever the hell you called it. Hell, I wasn't even 16 yet, and already knew what it was like to be on two wheels on an off camber up-hill'er. :biggrin:

Sorry for the hijack, but that is one vivid memory I have of sjs. :smile: