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mmm... drivers side (inside) door handle broke?

20 June 2007
Denver, CO
got in the car. when i was parking, i pulled the door handle, i heard a snap and the bottom half of it was loose. the top half of the handle is still in tact with something?

is this something major or did something just get loose.
Could be $$

Search on forum, common failure. Might be repairable with small device sold by Dali and SoS. If more catastrophic, youre in for some $$$
basically, the cable between the door handle and lock mechanism stretches, and gets to a point that the handle has run out of travel before the lock has released... then you give it an extra tug, and the pot metal hinge bit breaks!!!

dali/sos do door handle fixit thingys in billet aluminium that are a simple replacement. when reassembling note that the blue cable retainer at the handle end has 3 positions, this is to allow for adjustment to take up the stretch and stop the handle being overloaded and broken..... most people only find this bit when they are repairing the busted handle!!!

i think there's a mention in the manual regarding the desired handle angle when the door is supposed to release.

hope that helps!
I bought a replacement door handles for both sides from SOS a while back when mine broke. I got the metal handles and I love them