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Mt. Baker Drive? Yes!! Saturday, August 27th.

3 May 2004
Bellevue, WA
EVENT: Organized drive to Mt. Baker Lodge for NSX and S2k owners



10:33 .am. 8-25-05

1. I spoke to the Kirkland Police Dept today and they will provide a traffic officer to help us on to I-405 as a group. They will be available at 7:15am, so everyone must be ready by 7:10am sharp.
2. I spoke to Duncan Howat - General Manager of Mt Baker Ski Area - and everything is a go for this saturday. He is asking for us to arrive as a group so we can keep the gate opening to a minimum. He has also informed me that most of the Mt Baker HWY from the town of Glacier has been repaved, and the drive is a lot better.
3. And the last update item - the White Salmon Lodge is usually a few thousand dollars to reserve, but he is asking for a small amount to cover cost of opening the lodge and starting the generators for us. These are not small Honda 5hp generators, we are talking about catepillar D9 motors. He is requesting a small fee of about $6.00 to $10.00 per person for use of the facility. We need $150.00 to $200.00 just to cover operating expenses. I think this is reasonable, and hope everyone is ok with this. I will collect the fee at the beginning of the drive (park n ride), so try to have 1's & 5's. The more people who attend the cheaper the cost per person. NOTE: This lodge is normally closed during the summer months. --- Dean

Here's some pics from last year. http://www.nsxprime.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=10763&sort=1&cat=500&page=1

NOTE! NOTE! NOTE! If you have FRS radios please bring for intra-car communications.

TIME: Arrive @ 6:30 a.m. for assembly & instructions. Leave @ 7:00 a.m. sharp!

PLACE: Houghton Park & Ride, NE 70th exit off I405

LUNCH: Pack your own

Organizational Leaders: Dean "NSX-D" and Ananda "Optikal"
NSXPrime Promotion: Ron K "RONSXTC"

Dean and Ananda put this together in late May last year and it was a fantastic event despite overcast drizzly weather. Hopefully with an August date the weather will be a little more cooperative this year.

If you plan to participate, hope to participate or have questions: post a reply to this thread, or send me a personal message or email.

Participants to date [10:33 p.m., 8-25-05]:

NSX-D '91 Black NSX (NSX hopefully - if repairs done on time)
Jan D '91 Silver/Black NSX
Al D '95 Green NSX
Freelance201 '93 White/White NSX
NSXDreamer2 '91 Red/Black NSX
Quick02Taxi '02 Yellow NSX
VE7NSX '91 Red/Black NSX (Canada)
peter '92 Sebring Silver NSX (Canada)
NSX (Canada)
NSX (Canada)
kclements '92 Silver/Black NSX

Optikal '02 Silver S2k
s2ktaxi S2k
Spa4eva S2k and Friend's S2k
MaxGeek S2k
Batbite S2k
s2Kjdub S2k

Hope to
SaberX '91 Black NSX
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DL-NA1 said:
Ananda or Ron, do you guys have a rough idea of the time frame like when we will be back? Thanks.

It will take approx 3 hours to get to Baker with stops and pictures. Then it really depends on what group you take down when you want to leave. Usually, some people leave on their own and some people like to leave as a group.

But if you are on your own time schedule I would factor about 2 hours to get back to Seattle from Baker.
Unless something comes up, I'll be there... If the weather is good, possibly in the S2000 :)

Any plans for radios?
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Quick02Taxi said:
Hey Anada, Shahzad here. It was fun seeing you at the BBQ, count me in for the Mr. Baker drive...... :smile: See you.

Hey Shahzad! Good to hear you are in for the drive.

Was your car also at HIN two weeks ago? Thought I saw a picture of your ride.
s2ktaxi said:
Unless something comes up, I'll be there... If the weather is good, possibly in the S2000 :)

HAH HA! I wish that was a tough choice I had to make :)

We'll be using FRS radios for the most part, unless you are a HAM operator... then we can talk some more.

Last year, some people were using a completely separate radio system. I don't know what it was but it seemed to work.
Update to everyone, The date of the drive is ***August 20th*** not the 27th, Ron - please change the info on the thread title. Thanks....

Also to Ananda - check your e-mail and get back to me.

Or if everyone would rather the 27th date instead, I just need to know so I can contact the G.M. at Mt. Baker. The 20th or the 27th, votes?

Also note - I'm not sure the park -n-ride is called Houghton, but it is the one just off I-405 at NE 70th.

OUCH! My apologies gang. A big red notice has been inserted in the announcement at the top of the thread. Unfortunately that is the best I can do. The message text can be edited but not the title. Hopefully everybody catches it either there or from this ensuing discussion.

What ever we do let's do it quick so we can all get our calendars firmed up.

Yes, it is the Houghton P&R. Take it from ye old bus driver.
20th, I most likely can't do, but the 27th is open, so the sooner we can firm up the date the better, Thanks guys.........JZ

I just spoke with Dean. We like the 27th better and confirming the lodge on that date. There is a good chance the lodge is open, therefore we'll stick with the 27th.

I will confirm later today! Sorry for the confusion!!!
Come on! There has to be more of you willing to drive? Last year we had about 35 cars total, and that was on a rainy Saturday in June. Let's get this thing rolling! We still have 2 weeks to plan. All of you NSX and S2000 drivers, LETS GO FOR A DRIVE!!!!!
NSX-D said:
Come on! There has to be more of you willing to drive? Last year we had about 35 cars total, and that was on a rainy Saturday in June. Let's get this thing rolling! We still have 2 weeks to plan. All of you NSX and S2000 drivers, LETS GO FOR A DRIVE!!!!!

Dean, have you tried contact the people on the email list and them who's in Vancouver BC??
Looks like a fantastic event! I would totally be there if I didn't rent a beach house for that weekend... (I didn't have an NSX when I booked the beach house, so don't get mad).

I'll be sure to make the next event tho...do you guys get together for show n shines (i.e. just get together to hang out and chat??) or is it mainly drives?

I'm a member of the Boeing AutoX club and can bring 2 people as guests to autocross practice days if anyone is interested. It's free...and fun. My Z did really well..not sure how the NSX will do yet...but with some suspension mods should be fantastic!
Nssex, if I remembered right, you had attended the Claim jumper meet with us before and you know we are not the group of poeple who will diss other make of cars... I'm sure you have met Dean before, as to this drive, I'm pretty sure if your freinds are responsible drivers, respect the group and interested in S2k and nsx, they will be welcome.

Last year, we also have Subaru, Corvette, SLK, even Honda accord tagging along...

I saw your other thread mentioning you regret of selling the nsx, are you sure you are ready for this drive?? :)