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Mugen Pedal Review

28 October 2004
Hey all,
There has been a few threads on pedal covers so I thought I'd throw in my two cents also...

Previously I had great experiences with the Mugen Sports Pedal kit in other Hondas so I decided to buy a set for the NSX. Those unfamiliar with them can read a brief description of them at www.kingmotorsports.com The short form is the brake and clutch are of a cast aluminum construction with a porous metal "sponge" that provides grip to the pedal (even when wet). The accelerator pedal is a polished NC cut piece of aluminum so you can slide your foot smoothly to just apply the exact amount of throttle you want precisely.

After installing them, I decided to uninstall them and put the stock ones back.


Simply put: the fit and function were not on par with the OEM part, which is HIGHLY unusual for Mugen because they are practically perfect substitutes for OEM parts when it comes to fitment and they almost always work better than OEM.

First, the brake and clutch pedals rotate ever so slightly once they are installed. Granted they are held in place by 2 adhesive strips and clips they still move. The reason for this is the NSX pedals are different from all other Hondas: at teh very least they are smaller than the EK, EG and DC2 pedals. Because the pedals are smaller the edges of the recess in the backside of the cover are not fully against the pedal so some range of motion is allowed. It is not much, but it is annoying (to me at least) to know it is there.

Second, as noted before in this board: the curvature of the accelerator pedal does not match so you have to make the compromise of the adhesive in the middle (actually the ends of the adhesive strip in the middle contact the pedal because the pedal is formed to have a facing the firewall) and the two clips to fix the pedal in position. You do not have to drill holes for the Mugen pedals because of these clips. Since the curvatures of the pedal do not match you have to sequentially and slowly apply torque to the fasteners holding on the clips to try to "balance" the cover on the pedal--otherwise one will want ot pry off the other. To me, the set up seems somewhat sketchy, but it does hold in place: once you get everything tightened down, it's ok. BUt if things were to loosen up because you didn't use some Loctite 242 or 246 on the threads... If you were to opt for drilling the pedals, I don't know how you would fix it in place: either it would be canted vertically or horizontally, depending on which way you tilt the pedal. Finally, I noticed that you could not reach WOT with the accelerator cover in place: the fasteners for the clip hit the stop on the floor board before the dimple of the pedal does. The fasteners effectively raise the height of the floor so you would have to adjust the throttle cable (not sure about that throttle by wire set up) to truly reach WOT, I think. I suppose one could find a way to bend the cover to match that of the accelerator pedal but it just seems like way, way, way too much hassle IMHO.

Third, and finally, the feel of these pedals just weren't that great. The grip on the clutch and brake are awsome, but they just felt "heavy" and kludgy. You lost some of the "direct" feel the stock pedals had. The stock pedals felt lighter and more responsive.

Hopefully that helps those in the market for pedal covers...

This might be late but I recently purchased my NSX as of last year, and one of the first upgrades was the Mugen Pedals. I assume the same model you mentioned. I had no issue installing the brake and clutch pedal.

The Accelerator Pedal was a bit of a problem as you mentioned. The curvature of the aftermarket pedal made it difficult to line up and bolt down. I attempted to modify it twice with some rubber inserts but only to fail. I reinstalled as it should be but slightly bent the edge of the pedal due over tightening and worry that it would fall off.

In addition, the quality control is a bit off on the sponge pads for the brake and clutch. After driving on them a few days, the metal sponge pads fell off. They jiggled around and if you hit the wrong spot they fell out.

I removed them and took a closer look. They only put a small dab of epoxy on it. So I put 3 dabs of metal epoxy and reinstalled it. It is fine now. No movement or noise.

I did not really want to mention it until I saw this post. The price how ever was so enticing for this model. Too bad it did not come with a dead pedal.
install is the key, or so I read...

geometro & scratch90, did the both of you acquire these NSX-specific Mugen Sports Pedal kits from a licensed distributor/reseller (or even a reliable vendor) meaning these are genuine?

FWIW, knock'offs/replicas are at times ~$50'ish, the real-deal are significantly more & close to ~$200'ish. Also, there are other model-specific Mugen Sports Pedal kits (ie. Civic/Integra, Fit, etc).

I recall that DIY'ers have had to use some additional 3M foam double-side self-adhesive tape to act as a "shim" & then tighten down on the pedal covers to get a taut, secure fit that will be w/o movement.

Also, did you leave the OEM/stock rubber accel pedal cover on & then install the Mugen accel pedal cover using the given self-tapping screws (along w/ the self-adhesive tape & plates/bolts)?

Lastly, a good bit of the NSX community has gone w/ Autovation race pedal-covers (CNC aluminum, NSX-application hardware & instructions AND a model-specific dead-pedal) which are secured w/ the included self-tapping screws & nuts/bolts (no plates or clips). They can be optioned w/ a myriad choices for varying applications. The vendor support is great (a fellow NSX Prime member!) along w/ applicable discount-codes for fellow forum members.

{BTW, nice latent thread-bump! :D}
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The current part number for the Mugen Sport Pedal for the NSX is


From what I can tell there is no "NSX Specific" pedal. They are universal pedals that fit other cars, which is probably why they don't fit right.

Same part number also fits these cars:
Accord (1990-1993)
Accord (1994-1997)
Civic (1984-1987)
Civic (1988-1991)
Civic (1992-1995)
Civic (1996-2000)
Civic (2001-2005)
CRX (1984-1987)
CRX (1988-1991)
Del Sol (1993-1997)
Fit (2007-2008)
Fit (2009+)
Integra (1986-1989)
Integra (1990-1993)
Integra (1994-2001)
NSX (1990-2005)
Prelude (1992-1996)
Prelude (1997-2001)
RSX Base (2002-2007) w/Manual Transmission
RSX Type S (2002-2004)
RSX Type S (2005-2007)
TSX (2004-2008)
TSX (2009+)
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Some further notes on Mugen pedals.

I purchased a set of knock-off pedals on ebay for about twenty five bucks. They were listed as "Mugen" pedals, not "Mugen-style" or any such, although I see the same seller currently has both "Mugen" and "Mugen Style" pedals with the latter being slightly cheaper. The seller was listed as being from Hong Kong where I guess they are less troubled about the nicities when selling counterfit merchandise. They are really good knock-offs...even the packaging looks authentic but I believe there are some differences in the casting marks on the backs of the brake and clutch pedals. I got knock-offs as a trial and intended to get the real deal if I liked them.

I noted the same problem with the gas pedal curvature. I did remove the rubber oem pedal cover before installing the Mugen clones. I did not use the self-taping screws. I found that just the top bracket and sticky tape seemed to hold the pedal cover securely. By securing the accelerator pedal near the top I avoided the problem of trying to have "balance" two brackets as described in the OP. This positioning also allowed the pedal to be fully depressed with some clearance still remaining between the bottom of the pedal and the carpet. I did not have an issue with the bracket bolts interfering with full pedal travel either. Perhaps the bracket bolts that came with this counterfeit set are shorter than the real deal ones.

I have had the pedals on for a month or so of weekend driving including plenty of heel/toe work and none of the pedals have exhibited any tendency to move. I did clean the oem brake and clutch pedals thoroughly after removing the oem covers and applying the Mugen clones. And I really torqued down the one attachment bracket on the gas pedal.

I like the grippy surface of the pedals fine and I found the feel to be pretty close to oem. But I think in the long run I will probably go with the Autovation pedals because of the fitment issue with the Mugen gas pedal. Also I am hoping the Autovation pedals are a bit bigger. If so, I'm glad I only spent $25 on the "Mugen" set.
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I bought my pedals from King Motorsports: based on the same part number above.

I did not try to install them with the rubber brake and clutch pedal covers on: iirc, the Mugen covers won't fit over the OEM covers.

It's a pity since the pedals are the nicest ones I have ever used in the other Hondas I have.