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my car wont start....

14 February 2003
south wales,UK
....but only when the weather is warm :confused:
My car has been in storage all through the winter,and i put it back on the road at the begining of the month and i had no problems with it.Now the weather is getting warmer and we have had a few hot days recently and the car refuses to start.It will catch once or twice but just die straight away and then it wont fire at all,just turn over.If i leave it untill the evening when the weather cools is will start with no problems.
Please help :frown:
The main relay is a common problem, there's a lot of info here if you search. When it doesn't start, you can usually hit the back wall at the top trim piece behind the passenger seat to get it going. Take a look at the manual to see exactly where it's located. I've just had similar issues with mine, and there was one obvious cracked solder joint on the board, which is what I've read to be the common failure. I'm going to resolder all the joints to see if it completely fixes the problem. Otherwise, the relay module is about $56 and an easy 10 minute swap.