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Need advise Changing oil cooler hoses

18 February 2008
Lewisville TX
I have deciede to change all the coolant hoses on my 91 after having one in the engine bay burst at 3:30pm on 35E just north of Dallas on 7-3-08 $148.00
tow, waited 2.5 hours and spent $245.00 at the dealer to replace two hoses in the engine bay. I hate to spend $$$ like that.
Anyway enough of the whining, I have started at the front and things seem to be straight forward, I am a bit freaked out about changing the oil cooler hoses, That seems like it is going to test my tolorance level. I checked with Goodsen the area dealer and they quote $300 -$400 which is an option but a bitter pill to swallow. Has any one tried this job, are there tricks to it etc, I can't find a clear description on how to do the job when I search the forums
Any advise sure would be helpful.