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Need help finding 17"/18" wheels

19 February 2001
Southern California
Can't seem to find to many wheels for my NSX. I like wheels with 5 or 6 fat spokes. Don't like wire mesh wheels that much. Anybody have any ideas for my search? http://www.discounttire.com/mega-bin/megajen?tem=san.wheelBuy.tem&wheel.value=73697&size.value=18&key.value=000046&car.value=000046&year.value=1997
I like these, but VOXX will not import 18x10 into the states.

Any help would be appreciated ANYTIME
Yeah, I like the Argus!
Heres some other rims Ive looked at...

Just some ideas! Ive looked at these rims and like them, but its hard to picture how they would look on the NSX. I like the alloy look with polished lip and wouldnt go with chrome on an NSX. I like polished rims like HRE's too!JMO! Good Luck!
the tire rack web site has a interactive nsx that you can change the color of the car and the wheels on the car as well. I think its web address is thetirerack.com
TireRack doesnt have a very good selection of rims IMO! I know HRE has a interactive nsx and discount tire too! Does anyone else know of any interactive sites with an NSX??
John, you asked me what I think about these the other day. RADIUS R4


I still think they look awsome.

Any one else have an opinion on these?

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[This message has been edited by Craig (edited 17 April 2001).]
Those wheels look great on the car, much better than tireracks "interactive" image. Sometimes it is better to see a wheel actually fitted to the car. I think these are the sharpest looking non factory wheels I have seen on the NSX.

See you all in Wisconsin!

these guys seem to have a lot of wheels that will fit the NSX. I have no interest or experience with this company.

'98 NSX-T Blk/Blk
· Comptech headers / exhaust / airbox
· Dali Racing / Brembo big brake kit
· Koni adjustable suspension w/Comptech springs and sway bars
· Volk TE-37 17/18” wheels
· Wings West side skirts and rear spats