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Need help from someone near San-Luis Obispo, CA

29 August 2009
Phoenix, AZ
Take a look at a current discussion in the "Vendor's section:"


There has been considerable discussion about getting a product that covers the bolsters on our seats to either cover up damaged areas and/or protect bolsters that are still in good shape.

We found a company in San-Luis Obispo that makes exactly what we are looking for. It is called an "Auto Chap." Take look at this link:


and this link:


I spoke with the owner of Auto Chaps and he told me they would make one for the NSX if we could get a NSX to his shop so he could take measurements.

Can someone near San-Luis Obispo help us out????
I just got off the phone with him, i am giving him the measurements tonight that he needs.

I have a set out of the car so its really easy for what he is lookin for.
I just called him again and he said turn-around time willl be short. Mitch told me it would help him "Dial it in" if someone could come by with an NSX after he makes one off Arista's measurements.

Can anyone near San-Luis Obispo held out????