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Need opinions on a "NEW" car...?

5 November 2004
Well, it's actually for my mother-in-law...She told me to find her a car and I'm on a mission to find that car for her..looking to purchase by next weekend...We narrowed it down to these vehicles of her liking....looking around the $25-$32K range...Anyone in here own 1 of these vehicles? If so, give me your honest opinion? and ofcourse this will be a dailydriver..

**note, all cars will be brand new**

Audi A4 2.0T
Toyota Solara SLE
Toyota Rav4
Acura TSX w/Navi
Nissan Maxima 3.5 SL
TSX. Definitely the TSX.
I wouldn't put an enemy in a late model VW, so the Audi is out for me. Reliability ist nicht gut...

Any of the others would be fine. The Toyotas are appliance like, the Maxima has the most charachter, and the TSX is somewhere in between. We have a 2000 maxima and love it. 120K on the clock and it's like new.
You can get her into a TL w/o nav for the prices you have listed. If you want to stick to your list, I would go TSX for sure.
Where is she located??

cuz if she has heavy winters, the 4WD in a RAV4 would maybe be the best choice
The maxima is a pig on gas! Big 3.5L and the car is heavy (3,464-3,499lbs
w/o driver), but the performance, style, and luxury are there. Tough call. :cool:

Regardless of the outcome, you have a nice list there,
so I'm sure she will enjoy whatever it is you decide to get. :smile: