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Needed Expert Advice With Nos

11 May 2004
I got a NOS kit of 75 shots in my NSX and I was expecting to hit at mid 12's on quarter mile because without the NOS kit, I ran 13.5 already. I just did my test and I ran 13.04 with two runs. It didn't make too much change.

All I have in the car is:

-Comptech Header, Exhaust, Intake.

I ran with the Street Drag Radial tires. Could any expert give me some advices here. I wanted to get ready for the Event on April 24 of this month. All I want is to hit mid 12's. How will I do it? Driving is not the problem.
Thank you for trying to help me. Here's my time slip:

Reaction: .326
I1: 2.123
I2: 5.705
I3: 8.577

E.T.: 13.042
MPH: 109.584

Jerry Johnson does at the Performance Autowork in Modesto, California does the set up for me (Wetkit). The day I ran at the track was 65 degrees. I don't have any bottle warmer. I launch at 3500 RPM.

Again, I am hoping to make one more run on April 24 and would like to get it down to at least 12.5 second. Please share me your expert advice.
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Please share me your expert advice.

:( My 60' time (FWD) isn't much worse than yours.

Drag radials would help a bunch (2-3 tenths I'd think). Also, you may have been running much too high tire pressures in the rear. Did you try 15-20 PSI?

I know you said "Driving is not the problem" but I'm not sure what evidence led you to that conclusion. With that 60' time, I'm sure there's some room for tuning that launch.

With that 3500 RPM launch, did you have wheelspin, clutch slipping, or bog the motor?

Edit, here's some more reading in case you were looking for it.
I don't have clutch problem but the tire does spin when I let go the clutch. Maybe it's my launch.

With 70 shots wet kit, what is the RPM that will be good to launch at?

Because from my understanding is when the Throttle is open wide, the nos already kept spraying into the motor.

Please more advice. Thank you guys.
i am following this thread as i am interested in your results. i really cannot give you too much useful info yet, but i am running a 75 shot (dry) in my 91 also. i only have one run under my belt and it was not a clean pass.

[email protected] 2.130 60ft

my ET is pathetic but the trapspeed is indicative of what the car is capable of with a good launch. for reference, i have ran NA 12.98's w/ traps of 106ish.

you may want to play with the numbers from the HP calculator to get a best guess as to what ET is possible: