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New Formula Red Owner in DFW

13 October 2014
Now with pictures!

Hello, Primers. As some of you know me, I'll save the large introductions for when we meet in person. Today, I realized my dream in the form of a 1993, completely stock Formula Red NSX. I've wanted one for years, and have had some ups and downs with it. Today, I pulled the trigger on a car I found on eBay of all places. It was seized a month after last being seen on Prime, and has been sitting in storage since July 2013. A true garage find. Full service history up to the time of seizure, timing belt done in 2009, and other records. After all of the searching I did across America, this one found me and was located four (4) miles from my apartment.

It had 97,197 miles when I picked it up but that will increase shortly. ;)

It is the perfect compliment to my S2000, and thus my dream garage is done. Pictures to follow!

- Charles
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Finally found one huh. and you lucky bastard! Congrats Charles!
I did, right down the street from me. Crazy how that turned out. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
Through the oddest stroke of luck, I’m starting to believe that this car was waiting for me.

David McDavid has worked on this car, turns out, all the way back to the beginning. It came to DFW from Colorado with 82 miles on it, and has been serviced at David McDavid for all of it’s life. I went there to get a post purchase inspection, oil change and other necessities done and when asked for the VIN, the associate who was helping me pulled it up on his computer as dating all the way back through the 2 owners before me. At time of my purchase, the car’s mileage was 97,1xx. It’s 97,3xx now, from the weekend. But, the amazing thing is that the timing belt, water pump, gaskets and engine out service was done in 2009, at 94,xxx miles. Less than three thousand miles ago. Even had the oil changed right before being sold. So I know have a full folder of service records for the car.

After a day and a half of work on the paint, she shines like new again. Even feels new, solid, no dirt in the engine bay or interior. This was a good purchase. It took me a year to find this car, and turns out it found me.
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Congrats and Welcome!
Looking forward to meeting you and your fine NSX that was meant to be:)
I have added you to the DFW Member Roster / Thread. Looking forward to
the pictures! Enjoy!
Thank you for the welcome, all. Very select mods planned, and it will stay very close to original. Once my camera is charged, pictures will be on the way!
It fells weird that i started that car before you did. Pm what ur top dollar was. I believe it was u against me. Lol
Is it weird like dating the same GF? :)

I have a set of headers that I might sell, it changed my 1992 completely! Now 2nd gear is not THAT long :)
Is it weird like dating the same GF? :)

I have a set of headers that I might sell, it changed my 1992 completely! Now 2nd gear is not THAT long :)

Eskimo brothers? Lol, that would be weird. Second gear is ridiculously long, especially coming from driving my S2000 for all of these years, and a 400hp Civic before that with the S4C (B16) transmission. Headers, possibly. ;)