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New Gen 2 owner Chicago

14 June 2017
Took delivery of a 2017 Source Silver 340 mile car over the weekend. I've owned 3 Gen 1's over the years and have to say I enjoyed their simplicity and seat of the pants driving experience but looking forward to the seeing what this new car can do.
member bricks and bio shall be your muse:wink:
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thats how I would rock the nc1....source and the y spokes
Winston wolf's new car. Congrats!
Congrats! Source Silver is a great color for the NC1.
Sorry to thread jack but speaking of Chicago, someone traded in their 15' Green Huracan to McGrath Acura of Westmont for a 2nd Gen NSX recently. Anyone here?

Bronco - I'm a south sider myself. Have friends that live in Palos Heights and my fiancé works at High Tech. Maybe will see you around the forest preserves!
Hey Jim- Be happy to meet with the cars before the snow flies here , we have a regular group of guys who sneak out for a weekend drive and breakfast.Where are you located ? McGrath had a 2018 white car I was considering but they weren't budging at all on price.