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New light bulbs

8 March 2000
Austin, TX USA
Any you guys using different light bulbs? Hyper Whites, Blue tinted, "HID/Xenon look".
What wattage are you using, 55W, 80w, 100W? Did you have to replace the connections, etc. How do you like them overall?

92 Red/Blk
I've used the 80W before for about 7 months. When time to replace one of them I found since the light ran hotter than stock, it burn the connections, turn black, but still usable. So I quickly changed it to Piaa superwhite 55W.
Do you notice a difference between the Piaa superwhites and the stock bulbs? Have you tried the "HID" look bulbs?
Where did you get your bulbs? How much do they run? Did you change the highbeams too?

92 Red/Blk
Hyper Whites, Blue tinted, "HID/Xenon look".

There's no such thing as "HID/Xenon look". Either they're HID or they're not. If they're real HID (xenon-charged high-intensity discharge lights), they look totally different from the fake tinted bulbs.

Also don't get fooled by traditional bulbs with Xenon gas in them. They're not the same.
If not HID then PIAA superwhite is by far the best bulb i used. Everything else pretty much tints the road blue...and looks blue to on coming traffic like most of the rice civics you see out there. PIAA superwhite although it doesn't look anything like HIDs however it does look MUCH whiter. I went through many sets of bubls till i finally just brought the damn hid kit
I think Slyvannia SuperBlues (they are really white, not blue) are nearly as good as the PIAAs but much cheaper.
I have the PIAA super whites in the low beams and Sylvania Cool Blues in the high beams. I cheaped out on the highs since I don't use them as much. They look about the same but he Sylvania has a much different light patten than the stock stanleys. Just be aware. I also just picked up the PIAA wedge bulbs for the front markers since the stock markers look so yellow when compared to the PIAA/Sylvania lights.

As far as quality, the Sylvania's are as good if not better than factory, and for $17 each they are half the price of PIAA's. The piaas do look a TAD brighter but $40 brighter, I doubt it. The next set however I will get the PIAA HID lights since they have a bit of a purple tint that looks a little nicer on the cars I have seen.