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New Locations for Tie-downs

6 September 2002
Minneapolis, MN USA
Normally I'm giving smart ass answers to obvious questions, but now I have one of my own: Where can I relocate hard tie-down points front and rear? Why would I need to you ask? Well, upfront we have the NSX-R chassis bar which on my car required the removal of the front tie-downs years ago, then I just had a custom exhaust made that has piping that went directly under the rear tie-downs, making them unusable.

Now tying down for trailering is not optimal, but doable - loop webbing through the wheels and you can get to where you're going. The problem really comes when I want to dyno the car. You think I'm letting those monkeys ratchet-strap to my spindly aluminum suspension? I think not.

So what have any of you other crazy kids done - or am I the only one without them?

By the way - they weigh a TON, so taking them off isn't all bad...