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New Monaco Blue Pearl Owner in NY

6 September 2012
Greetings NSX prime. I recently picked up my first NSX and could not be happier with my purchase. Coming from the world of Supras and Z06s it is certainly a different driving experience, but one that I fell in love with way back in 1999 when I was fortunate enough to drive a few NSXs, among other exotics for a summer job at an exotic car dealership.
I searched the internet for hours everyday for 4 months before I found the NSX I was looking for. She is a bone stock(originally California car), dealer maintained, never crashed 2000 NSX-T Monaco Blue Pearl with black leather interior 6 speed with 71k miles. Mechanically the car is absolutely perfect and up to date with all maintenance done and drives like a dream! Cosmetically the front end and side view mirrors have some rock chips from highway driving and the passenger side molding has a tear in it. I read this is a common issue with the NSX due to the window placing too much pressure on the molding. It seems the molding is one giant piece unfortunately and will be a chore to replace and quite expensive I imagine too. I would love any and all tips how to get this job done painlessly as well as the most cost effective route.
The only other minor issue the car has is that when I have the headlights on and go over bumps, the driver side head light bucket moves a little making the light pattern bounce. I searched and only found this issue relating to the 2002+ models. Any ideas how to resolve this issue on my 2000 model with the pop ups? I didn't get to take any good pictures yet, but here are a couple for now till I have the time to take some real pictures.


Here is my face after some spirited driving:

The only other minor issue the car has is that when I have the headlights on and go over bumps, the driver side head light bucket moves a little making the light pattern bounce.
Congrats on the purchase, its a real beauty! A higher mileage car that is in great shape like that is in my opinion a great find because you don't worry about actually driving the snot out of it and enjoying the car rather than keeping it parked in the garage.

Regarding the headlight, the popup assembly is pretty easy to work with so you should be able to get in there and figure out what is loose. A guy local to me (Brian) did an HID install on my car while I "helped" out (ie. looked and handed tools, tightened a few things, etc) and the assembly looks pretty easy to work with. While you are in there, I do recommend an HID upgrade if that hasn't been done already, that added visibility at night is a real plus for safety. I ordered a 9006 bulb, 4300/4500k color 55w slim from http://ddmtuning.com/ and the install was a breeze. The ballast fits neatly and securely under the flip up panel.

Just be sure to get the alignment right with the assembly; the first owner of my car got it wrong and it rubbed against the hood when the lights were raised/lowered resulting in some paint wear :( So take the time to ensure you have it square before wrapping up the project.
Congrats! Beautiful car :)
Wow - absolutely beautiful - great find and congrats on your purchase! Welcome, and Cheers!
Congrats! Are you sure that house is in Manhattan. :wink:
Congrats! Are you sure that house is in Manhattan. :wink:

Agreed... I am not seeing anywhere in "NYC" this car could be located. (or any of the 5 boroughs)

Congratulations on your new car, there are many of us in the area. We dont get together as often as we should but we are around.
Thanks for the compliments guys and welcoming me to Prime. As for my location, I live in Manhattan and store my car in Long Island. I don't trust the parking attendants driving the car and the city roads are not ideal for an NSX. However I may look into the auto motion parking system which is attendant free. If you want to see how their system works check out their site: http://www.automotionparking.com/
welcome to our NE nsxca region! Check the NE forum for events from time to time.I know the gang is gearing up for another run up north twords Buffalo.
Welcome, your car looks great! The AutoMotion parking system looks pretty cool too, I think it would be an ideal solution for an urban environment like NYC.
Absolutely gorgeous car! Great find and I'll wager it wasn't close to a selling price close to in the 60's:wink: You are fortunate to be close to the man for maintenance: Larry B.
Enjoy a truly wonderful driving experience
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The car is #153. I purchased the car from a doctor in Morristown, NJ.

Small world, I use to see that car in front of his house all the time. He drove it often as my friends in the area would catch it out and about over the past few years and mention it to me.