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New NSX concept?

17 December 2004
Sorry if it's a repost. I haven't seen these pictures of it yet. What do you guys think?



I think it's getting uglier.
There seems to be a consistency among the two images that it seems almost unreal, and mostlikely the concept is not real.

You'd think they(whoever made these renderings) would take a cue from the LFA and make the car more elegant and unique. Also, from all of the intakes opening in the rear and overall proportions, I thought the LFA was a MR at first glance. Anyways, the slotted fins are so old school and played out and also very hard to clean. It doesn't look good, and it's not practical. If that's not a lose:lose situation, then what is?
That picture was posted 1 month before the Fat Pig (ASCC) was unveiled at the Detroit Auto show in 2007. It is a re-post.
So it has 500 hps. Why would Honda even bother? The 500 hps front engined club is heavily populated by BMW, MB, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Nissan, Porsche, soon Lexus, plus others.
To truly stand out in such segment is almost impossible and then at what price range?
LOL it will be an all new 2 cylinder 3 stroke with 300 hp and 100 ft/lb of torque!But hey 38mpg!!
So how much are they charging for that new Tiburon...wait...oops I mean ASCC