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New NSX owner....

4 December 2000
Cary, NC
First, I have thank this site for the wealth of information it has provided during my search for a vehicle. I have always been a die-hard Mustang guy..I've had five Cobras over the past 7 years (the latest was a '99 and I had a 2000/2001 on order). Production delays gave me the itch to start looking around for something different...I looked at used M3's, a few 308's, Lotus S4, Supra TT, but none of these vehicles enticed me to give up the Cobra...The NSX was the last vehicle I decided to look at and I was actually hoping that I would not like the car....Drove several '91's last week and instantly fell in love..unbelievable..The handling and drive train smoothness had me sold in a heartbeat...The engine sound behind my head was icing on the cake...One sleepless week later and I am now the proud owner of '91 red/ivory NSX..Picking it up tomorrow...The Cobra was a great car, but the NSX is simply in a different league.

I know what you're feeling

Congratulations on your NSX. Tell us what Acura options it has?... and does it have any modifications?

2000 Yellow/Black/6-sp #172