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new NSX type prototype

6 March 2000
Well I remember reading around this message board some time ago that there was talk about making the NSX a hybrid car. Well I think the rumours came from a new honda sports car to be shown soon. I assume it's a prototype to judge public opinion but it will be a 220hp integra ivtec motored car running an additional 200hp electric motor and apparently looks along the lines of an NSX.
Who nows what tell we see it but I've read this around the net today on a few different sites. temple of v-tec being one of them.
Sounds interesting, arent' times changing.
WOW, things are changing. in a few years we will all probably be talking about superconducting motors and low resistance FETS instead of superchargers and air cleaners!

Since we are dreaming here, Maybe we can can get a micro-turbine powered generator in the back too. Micro-turbine technology is increadable and I'm just dieing to have a turbine powered NSX!