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New Owner - '98 Kaiser NA2/6MT - JH4NA2164WT000137

Welcome to ownership and let me reenforce @Honcho 's words of advice. He used the term 'snap over steer' which can be a little clinical. I prefer the term which was sometimes used to describe the older Porsche 911s with just rear wheel drive and no electronic nannies, 'violent final over steer' with the emphasis being on violent and final. Very high level of adhesion followed by no adhesion. Having had the unexpected opportunity to view the road ahead through the passenger's side window while in the driver's seat, I can confirm that the NSX doesn't do drift very well. It tends to go directly to twirling tea cup mode which I can also confirm has a sphincter factor of about 9.5. If you fetched an S2K up against something solid the NSX is probably going to get you there faster so treat with caution.

As you do your detailing and other maintenance activities, give some attention to the tires and the date codes. The NSX does not seem to enjoy old or poor quality rubber. Extreme performance tires (or whatever the currently in vogue term is) can be nifty; but, deserve extreme caution in wet conditions (go directly to twirling tea cups!) and can also see traction get dodgy when temperatures drop below 10C. Everything is a trade-off. You need to treat the NSX with even more caution just because the NSX has some of that 911 Jekyll and Hyde nature.

Stay safe and out of the weeds (or guard rails).
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