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new owner 99 spa yellow nsx-t

9 October 2012
Lancaster PA
I've been cruising the forum for a few Weeks now and finally joined. Just purchased my NSX, 99 spa yellow targa top...I absolutely love this vehicle!! I'm looking forward to
Learning lots from everyone here. I'm in the automotive paint business so if anyone has any any related questions feel free to ask away!
Welcome to the club...now post some pics! I just had the front cap and rear bumper resprayed due to rock chips and fading, respectively. How long should I wait before applying polish/wax? The color match looks pretty darn close in daylight, but under flourescent it's very obvious. Is there any other reason other than new vs 21 yr old paint?
Sportsmind4Me....with the winter months approaching, the catalyst (hardener) in the clear coat will "sleep" under roughly 50 degrees fahrenheit. This simply means the clear coat cannot FULLY cure....DO NOT let this scare you. More than likely the shop ran a bake cycle, and technically it is all but cured now (unless it wasn't baked). To be on the safe side, wait 90 days before waxing. If you feel the need to wax, purchase a breathable wax from an auto body jobber store in your area. Wizards Shine Master is an excellent fresh paint wax.

As far as your color match is concerned, that gets complicated. Micas, pearls, metallics and solid base colors refract light in all different combinations. Fluorescent light is always the worst due to the output and strength of the lighting. A lot of times color will match poorly in garage lighting, but be
all but perfect in natural lighting.
The other effect on color match is the substrate and angle. Plastic bumpers on an angle will show a different shade or hue next to metal due to a) being plastic and b) having angles. This is why when you look at 90% of factory vehicles today, the bumpers are multiple shades off from the bodies.
And like you have already said, age is a huge factor. Colors fade over time, some more quickly than others. Color match is hands down the most difficult part of automotive refinishing. Hope that helps!
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Welcome aboard. Yellow is, indeed, the best color out there. You must post some pictures.
Another pa member. Welcome to the club. I see your in lancaster. I hope you dont get horse crap all over your car every day lol.
welcome to ownership.........we have some very experienced and knowledgable folks on prime and look forward to your participation in your area of expertise.......Joe (pbassjo) is also a paint/body guru.
Hey guys I'll get some pics up when I have time to do it from my laptop, for some reason I can't upload from my phone?? Are there any guys close to me in PA?
Congrats and welcome to the club, you being in PA your not far from Larry B the NSX mechanic guru.
Congrats & Welcome to Spa Land! I've been enjoying
my Spa Yellow since Feb .... Great Color! Enjoy:)