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New owner - Born for the NSX

7 November 2012
I've been lurking Prime since '00 admiring and coveting these cars and finally got serious about getting my own.

The dream: It was back in '99 I went over to my friends house after school. Her Dad was known as the neighborhood baller with the crazy house, pool, and toys. (and hot daughter). Stepping into the garage revealed an exotic black NSX fresh off the showroom floor. I remember noticing how low the console was and there was a red Honda V6 engine in the rear. He must be rich! The NSX became an icon and status for me and my group of friends. We would always frame scenarios up when one day we would all pull up in NSX's like a gang and stop the show.

The reality: The hardest part was figuring out which one I really wanted. After going back and fourth between colors and years I determined I was looking for a newer Targa, NA2, black/black, few owners, stock, and taken care of. All the finer details can be fixed to my liking later. Life is short and as such, I wanted a true driver to enjoy and not a garage queen.

That car popped up in the form of a 2000 black/black NSX-T. It was pretty far away from me. Wow, the production numbers are LOW that year - only 27 blk/blk 6 speeds were made. After a clean PPI we struck a deal and I started planning the trip.

The goal: Fly from San Diego CA to Austin TX on Thursday morning and drive back to San Diego BEFORE dark the next day. 1,330 miles...A tall order, but I was up for the challenge! Besides, I had a tennis match Friday evening so I needed to be back. :smile: I detailed out the trip and contingency plans. It was a relatively risky road trip as there were 150 mile desert stretches of road with absolutely nothing. I mean nothing. Without hesitation in his voice the seller said it wouldn't even remotely be an issue for this NSX.

The trip: With a few hours sleep I took the first flight out to Austin, on the start of the F1 weekend. When he rolled up to the airport I was grinning ear to ear, these things are so low in person! OMG the position, the shifter, the widebody, the intake sound next to your ear, the engine screamed for more and more...the car was alive. Everything checked out and keys were handed over, but not before he handed me the silver coffee table book which was the icing on the cake. (Did I mention this was my 30th birthday present to myself ?) Hastily I headed West....in style!

I didn't have time to stop so I snapped pics of my trip from the cockpit. My new car actually has a cockpit...sweet!


1,330 miles, 3 timezones, 1 NSX


Fredericksburg, TX


Empty road


Chasing the daylight


Filling up in Fort Stockton. I pushed it to Las Cruces NM and spent the night (630 miles)


Driving through NM and AZ was tough, no turns for 100's of miles. Who cares, I'm rolling in an NSX


Tucson, the first sign of life



Now we are getting somewhere, crossing into CA reveals the Imperial Dunes


The side AC vents chill the snickers making for a refreshing treat in the desert


Through the Irrigation District



The NSX has a wide pano view out the windshield



Pulled up to the Lazy Lizard Saloon in a post-apocalyptic town called Ocotillo


I must be in CA with these hippie windmill things


Best part of the drive, climbing up over the craggy mountains. This area reminds me of Mars


The signs say turn off AC so the car doesn't overheat up the climb. Instead I cranked the AC and downshifted to go faster



Getting greener and closer to home


Always a pretty part of San Diego to drive through


Victory stretch


Home before dark as promised


Put to sleep in the garage

To conclude, the NSX didn't care about being driven 1330 miles in two days sitting at 90 mph for hours at a time. After stopping for gas it wasn't "tired" or overheated. Instead it demanded you to open it up on the freeway ramp and it wanted more. I think this rough trip speaks loudly for the NSX and was a perfect inception into ownership. Stay tuned for my build thread.

Was wondering who got that car! Congratulations.
Excellent write up. Congrats On your purchase.
Congratulations on your purchase and your item on the trip, however, lack information ... how many times have you washed the body of the baby during the long journey? :) : Biggrin:
Congrats! Great story too.
Congratulations on your purchase and your item on the trip, however, lack information ... how many times have you washed the body of the baby during the long journey? :) : Biggrin:

Thank you! I did pull it into the bay as I was rolling back into town to spray all the bugs and road grime off. Trust me I was tempted to stop during the trip but churning out miles as fast as possible was all I had time for.
reminds me of my trip to Florida almost 3 years ago... Have a great voyage in the world of NSX ownership!:biggrin:
Congratulations! Great write up and glad you made it back to Cali safely. No surprise the NSX held up like a champ. Hope to see you around SD. Let me know if you want to get together with some other SD NSXers. I get together with 3 consistently on a weekly basis!
Really enjoyed your write-up :)

Congrats on your new journey
Thanks guys, this is a great community filled with people who really love cars.

On my trip there were three border patrol checkpoints. When I rolled up to the first one the officer said "Mannnn it's been a long time since I've seen one of these things!". Ha!
Enjoy the lookback syndrome and hook up with other local owners, quite a few in SoCal
i'm glad my car is in the hands of a worthy owner :)
I also have 1 of the 27 2000 black/black Targa's. I have only owned it for 6 months and have never had a car command attention like this car. I have been looking at these cars ever since they came out in 91 and I was working at an Acura dealership. You won't be dissapointed as you already have found out. Congrat's!

I just did the same sort of trip last month

make the deal... fly from detroit to Norfolk, va... stunned when I saw the car at the airport, sprained arm reaching for wallet... 750 miles home.... after 10 hours in car.. stopped at a good friends house for the night near cleveland around 11:00 pm... he's made room in his beautiful well lit workshop for me.. filled with way cool new and vintage bikes.. also filled fridge with beers... which we drank until 1:30 am while we stared at the car like idiots!!!!!

my trip was great and so glad yours was too!!


1995 t
39,000 miles red/tan
Welcome another nsx owner in san diego. Glad you bought it after more than ten years of lurking, unlike some certain people, who after years and years of lurking and then still ask why they should buy the nsx when there are many better alternative cars out there.