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New owner - Born for the NSX

yes not every day that one primate sells to another......bets of luck,and take comfort that at the drop of a hat you could go and have some fun at any auto-x you happen upon.....as that car was loveingly prepared as well as can be within the rules.:smile:
Excellent. The drive home in the NSX will always be one of your favorite memories with it. My return trip after picking mine up was "only" 11 hours and I had a grin on my face the entire time. Thanks for sharing your pics and story, and a huge congratulations to you on picking up a gorgeous NSX. Looks like it's in really good hands.
HUge Congrats and Welcome to the Madness!
Great story and sweet pics .... hope that you
enjoy your NSX foir many years to come!
See ya around:)
Congrats on the car! I love the wheels!
Thanks guys, this is a great community filled with people who really love cars.

On my trip there were three border patrol checkpoints. When I rolled up to the first one the officer said "Mannnn it's been a long time since I've seen one of these things!". Ha!

welcome NRG! great to have another NSX in SD!
I have friends in Austin and have done the same trip and crossing the ckpoint a few times and being told the same thing at 2 am. Maybe its the same agent?:biggrin:

Its quite a boring drive as its mostly straight and nothing to see and I have yet to figure out why God made TX so big.

I was filling up at a Shell station next to a highway TX patrol in a white Chevy Corvette who was doing the same thing. He left first and I saw him pulled someone over later so I went by him under the speed limit at the next lane which was a mistake. Right away, he flashed his lights and pulled me over for not giving him the extra room. He asked me how much was my rear tires and told me how much more expensive his rear tires were......must been a slow day for him. Yes, I had to pay the court.:mad:
Congrats on the purchase and the drive home. I am so jealous! Looking for a '05 Silverstone with low miles and good service records.... a no stories car.

Love black when they are clean (have two blacks). They always look so beautiful especially just after a good detail in the shop.

Have fun with your NSX.