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New owner greet - local 604

9 July 2005
Vancouver, BC
Hello fellow NSX'ers

Proud new owner of a '92 Grand Prix White. Just wanted to intro myself and hopefully find a few locals owners. ...and just say "HI" :biggrin:

I hope to be involved with the events and this forum and eventually meet a few of you. I hear NSXpo 2005 is the place to be. ...or maybe any local or closer events that may be hosted.

Anyways, cheers everyone.
Hey there, congratulations, you must of bought the one from north shore acura, welcome aboard, I am in the 604 area as well, nice to meet you..
"What's an NSX?" all of my Vancouver friends asked. "It's like a Ferrari, but engineered by people who went to university."

This has got to be one of the best definitions of the NSX!!!!! Brilliant, just Brilliant!! :biggrin:
A lot more local NSX's than expected. ...and a very warm welcome. The car and family seem to get better and better each day.

Local sightings, I've seen a grey/gunmetal'ish colored NSX heading southbound on Oak a couple of times. Wheels and kit aswell. Looks sharp. The only other one I know of locally is the owner of SR racing with the white rebuild and 2002+ face update. It was painted white and made to look like a JDM Type-R. Looks sharp. Everything was done right so it looks stock JDM Type-R (2002+).

In response I've received a lot but sightings seem to be rare. I hope to see more of you on the road. Any local gatherings?

NSX604 :biggrin:

I bump into (or rather encounter) other local NSXr's from time to time.

I just found out about a dinner event that'll be happening tomorrow night (Thursday July 21st).

If you can make it here are the details:

NSXCA president, Wei-Shen Chin will be visiting the Vancouver area this week. Dinner is at 630pm at Milestones in Coquitlam there's about 16 or so in the group so far.


Cheers, Bob.


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