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New owner in Seattle!

14 August 2016
Seattle, WA
Hey guys! Long time lurker! But this is my first post as a new NSX owner! Man, it feels good.

Like many on this forum, I was in love with the NSX as a kid. It was my first automotive love, the car that launched me into my automotive pubescence. Along the way, I got sidetracked into British cars with the Lotus brand. My Exige is an absolute animal with 322whp pushing its 2000lbs. But I've always wanted an NSX and for whatever reason, the bug just really bit me hard this time and I searched in earnest for one. Luckily, I found one being sold locally to me in Washington through a listing on Prime, no less. It's definitely not perfect and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. I buy my cars to drive them. Absolutely nothing against garage queens and surgically clean investment-grade collector's cars --- but I want to enjoy this car in the limited time I have on this plane of existence. I know that if I had gotten my hands on a really clean example, I would be so hesitant to drive it for fear of marring it in any way.

So anyway, today I picked up a 1992 Berlina Black NSX. Here is the For Sale thread. She's got some mods already. Shorter 4.23 final drive. Downforce carbon hood. Wings West lip and sideskirts. Difflow diffuser (just like my Exige!). Updated rear valence. The interior isn't horrible, but it sure ain't showroom. Etc etc. My plan is to enjoy it as is mechanically. I like the power just fine as is. I love the sound as is. I will be installing a set of cats to pass emissions --- I may or may not leave them on. Eventually, I want to swap for a set of Volk ZE40's wrapped with Dunlop ZII's (because the PSS don't come in the sizes I want *sadface*). At the very least, I may get the wheels powder coated black as the red isn't really to my liking. Maybe do an NSX-R spoiler. But mostly, I want to take the time and slowly restore her back to her original luxurious glory as best as I can. That said, I won't be doing a full-on museum quality restoration. If something breaks, like the interior door handles for instance, I'll replace them with the upgraded SOS pieces that are made from aluminum. Basically, OEM+. Looks stock, but performs better.

My girlfriend thought I was crazy for buying a car I had never test driven. And frankly, she's probably right. But I just knew from all that I've read and watched, good and bad that I'd at least not hate it. Well, after a day of driving it around, I can safely say that I absolutely, positively LOVE IT. The steering is definitely something to get used to, I'm used to the quicker rack of the Lotus. The steering is not as communicative as the Lotus. But my god does it just feel so solid. And the seats are likely the most comfortable seats I've sat in, bar none. AND THAT VIEW! People always reference the fighter jet canopy design brief, but they never mention that it feels like you're sitting in a goddamn fishbowl. The visibility is amazing! Again, coming from the Lotus which is like a miniature tank, the view is just stunning. I was daily driving a BRZ for a long time and the visibility in that, like most modern cars, was pretty abysmal. But I really didn't know what I was missing until I checked my blind spot in the NSX and was immediately recalling driving a Miata with the top down. Ok, visibility not quite THAT good, but close! People are always bagging on how the NSX doesn't have enough power. I'll admit that a few years ago, that was kind of a turn-off for me. But in the intervening years, I driven all manner of cars that everyone said were down on power. And I discovered that I really just didn't agree with them. Miata, down on power. BRZ, down on power. NSX, down on power. Pffft. Look at all these f*cks I give! Oh wait, there are none. It just doesn't matter to me. It's got enough power to get out of its own way and scare you shitless at the track if you are really driving it like Our Lord Senna intended it be driven.

I've been reading the forum for a bit in a more serious way now. I'm learning a lot. I'm not a complete mechanical noob, having done most of the Honda K24 swap into the Exige myself, but coming to a new platform always presents its own learning curves and gotchas. I'm looking forward to a long membership here and a lot of learning and hopefully some teaching as well. As for immediate concerns on the car. Driver's side axle boot will need to be replaced. ABS pump acts up sometimes, so I may look into doing the ABS upgrade in the somewhat near future. Crossover for the passenger side speaker is toast (it's an aftermarket system). Apparently, John at Zahntech in Redmond used to own this car, I'm going to hit him up to see if he can give me a more complete rundown of what has been done to the car.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello officially! I've attached some photos of it I took today with my phone (so the photos aren't the best).


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Yeah, was checking out your thread! It's gonna be great to see that thing get restored.

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Congrats! A great base to start with.

Post up some pics of your exige! sounds amazing.

Here she is!


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Good to see yet another new owner. Congrats butters. Keep driving up our prices for Nsx sales.:wink:
That lotus looks mean. Like, not even street legal mean!
Good to see yet another new owner. Congrats butters. Keep driving up our prices for Nsx sales.:wink:
That lotus looks mean. Like, not even street legal mean!

Is the implication that I overpaid, sir? :rolleyes:
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