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22 April 2001
San Antonio, TX, USA
Hello All,

I have a few questions while I am contemplating an NSX purchase. I only want to spend around $35,000, so I am looking at 91-92 with around 40k to 50k miles. I plan to keep it 2 years max, at which time I will get a newer one or a different sports car.

Q1: I will put 10k to 15k miles per year, so I will own the car during 40k to 70K miles. What problems can I expect during that time period?

Q2: When is the "rumored" new model coming out? Is it really going to only be $55k? I read in Road & Track that it would be $135k! If it is only $55k, I will want to sell this one before it is released. Any expected release dates?

If anyone has any adive, I would be most appriciative!

Gerald Stowers
You shouldn't experience any problems. Make sure that the major service which includes the timing belt has been performed, because it will have been due based on time (not miles). While this service is done, the water pump, AC compressor belt, etc. should also be replaced.

No one has any hard information on the next NSX. Anything you read/hear is just rumor. I have a feeling that Honda has released rumor information on two different possibilities (one cheap, one expensive) to keep people speculating.

91 Black/Ivory #3012
You should experience very few problems with a car in that year/mileage range. In the FAQ there are descriptions of a few problems to look for before your purchase however. Snap ring, window regulator, of course clutch, battery, tires, etc.
In two years and 30K miles expect to use one or two sets of tires and possibly a clutch, depending on the life left in your existing clutch when you buy it. Also the 90K service can be a little pricey, so shop for a certified technician with better-than-dealer prices.
You have opened up can of worms with the new model rumor. Just remember, anything you hear is RUMOR AND SPECULATION! I personally don't believe any of it. Pricing, engine size, body materials, NONE OF IT!

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