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Newbie to the forum, just bought Gen 2

26 June 2021
Hi Gang,

Just picked up from what I can tell, a fully loaded 2017. Have only put a few miles on it but I can tell I am going to really really enjoy it. One owner car, full paint correction and clear bra installed when new. PO also installed really nice radar/jammer system on it as well.

Dealer was asking 139k with 17k miles...I know that is high but this car has brand new tires, a perfect service history, all recalls done and those nice extra's i mentioned above. I offered 132k and ended up settling at 133500. The value of these has gone up since I looked at them last year...but it's still a smoking deal for what I got IMO.

Let me know your thoughts...good, bad, ugly?




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Welcome to NSX Prime! Based on what you've described, I think you did very well! That's a really nicely optioned NSX, and the integrated radar jammer looks almost stock. Be sure to post more pictures!
There is not much out there that can compete with NC1 that is cheaper. Enjoy your car.