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Nice Widebody.

24 March 2001
Neenah, Wi
Caught this nice Widebody NSX at Road America this past weekend. For a minute I thought it was Seth :biggrin:. The owner from Chicago just finished it I only got two shots and my battery went dead. I believe T Bell took a few more and I'm sure he will post them. I really liked the way he customized the stock rear valence. The car just looked awesome rolling... Not sure if the owner visits here but I can't even start with listing what he did.
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Man I need to get my hands on the molds.... :smile:
I don't usually like body kits, especially carbon fiber ones, but this one is real
clean looking. Very nice. That rear does look good.
That car does look very nice!! Definitely is similar to Seth's as it appears to be the Cantrell Concepts JGTC exposed CF body panels. To the best of my knowledge I think only 2 of these exposed Cantrell CF kits are out there with a third nearing completion. A few major noticeable exterior differences from Seth's are:

Seth - ScienceofSpeed GT500 Hood vs. this car appears to have the Cantrell CF NSX-R Style Hood.
Seth - Custom CF Rear Bumper and diffuser vs. Stock bumper and custom valence.
Seth - Taitec S-TAI spoiler vs. NSX-R type spoiler
A few others are: Different wheels on the two cars, different rear tail lights, different antennas, can't tell if this one has CF B Pillars or not, rear hatch, rear hatch duct.

Obviously I love the whole Cantrell JGTC package since we have the same thing. :biggrin: The only thing I would add to this for sure would be the K Craft CF mirrors as I think they make a huge difference in the appearance (and who knows he might even be planning this). Awesome car!
all i can say is... DROOOOOOOLLLL

those are the jdm nsx 02 headlights right?
that's simply beautiful!
love the sideskirts, rear fenders and front fenders!!

speechless . . . .this is unreal

i love it . . . .
Honda F1 Racing said:
Looks mean and exotic!
It looks kinda happy to me...it's got a big ol' smile on its face :biggrin:

Personally, I think it needs a little less happy face...