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Not an NSX, but worth taking a look =)

16 February 2005
Suffolk County, NY
I've been on nsxprime for a very very long time, however i had just decided to sign up recently.

I've been admiring all of your beautiful NSX's for a very long time hehe and I just wanted to show you guys my ride :)

Hope u like it:

2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII




More pics here:

Stats on car here:
I thought picture gallery is only for NSX only. Others could be posted in off-topic or maybe I'm wrong. :confused:
hehe, is that your 'fast' car? god knows its mod friendly :biggrin:

alot of my friends have those, and even mildly modified, they get fast quick
then again they have like 400+ rwhp
:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Sorry fella's, i didn't know about the off-topic forum thing.

If a mod can put it in the off-topic section, that'd be nice.

Even though I'm not a fan of the EVo's looks, yours is tastefully done, instead of "overdone". I hope you don't plan on doing more to the exterior. I like it where you have it right now. Nice ride. :smile: Under the hood mods on the other hand ...well :cool:
Thanks for the compliments, but some of you guys are kinda brutal heh..

Btw AndyH, i don't know if u remember, but i'm illegalakkord from V6P. Hi :)
Nice car and cleanly modded.....keep it that way. :)

I owned an '03 Evo VIII when they first came out...3 months and 18,527 miles later I traded it in on my second NSX. WOOOOO-HOOOO!! :D
Love that EVO! As someone who has probably bought and sold about 50 of them- this has to be the nicest one Ive ever seen! Seriously, a hot car with a sick vanity plate :wink:
Very sick EVO!! Now you need to compliment it with an NSX in the driveway :):) White NSX next to a white EVO would look really good!!