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NS-teX-po 2002 in Dallas!!!

13 September 2000
Irving, TX
Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce THE formal e-invitation for NS-teX-po 2002 in DALLAS, TEXAS! NS-teX-po
is an annual (actually, somewhat annual) event created a few years back as a get-together for
local Texas-area NSXers. In time, it has grown from a relatively "local" event to a large-scale
multi-state NSX owner get-together! We've already held two "teXpos" in San Antonio, TX and one
in Austin, TX. You're invited to this year's NS-teX-po! This time, we'll try-out Dallas! I'm
releasing this information a few days early, as we're still planning a small web page for more
detailed information and working out some final details. However, the sooner you know about the
"teXpo" we're planning, the sooner you can PLAN to attend! (***E-mail [email protected] IF you
plan on attending - with guest numbers!!!***)

This year's NS-teX-po will be held during these dates:
--> ARRIVAL on the evening of 11 APR 02 (Thursday) and DEPART noon 14 APR 02 (Sunday). <--

As you may (or may not) know, we're using this year's NS-teX-po in Dallas as a "test bed" for the
next NSX Club of America NSXPO 2002 - planned for 06-10 NOV 02! We're using the same base hotel
for both events, and we'll be visiting some of the same sites/doing the same activities. This
will be a good opportunity to see what works for NSXPO (and what may not work)! We'd love to see
you here in the Big D!

You want to see some stuff on a past NS-teX-po or two?
- San Antonio: http://www.nsxsc.com/nstexpo/
- Austin: http://www.1017.org/nsx/NSteXpo99.2.htm

We have a tentative schedule developed: (Any missing updates/holes will be updated on the
NS-teX-po 2002 web page!)

1. Arrive Thursday (4/11) evening - manager's NSX cocktail reception/check-in at hotel.

2. Friday Morning (4/12) - Made-to-order breakfast in hotel.
3. Friday Late Morning to Mid Afternoon - Indoor karting (with lunch included).
4. Friday Late Afternoon - Hopeful Goodson Acura Dealer Session & free time.
5. Friday evening - NSX cocktail reception (hotel) and Dinner at near-by location.

6. Saturday Morning (4/13) - Made-to-order breakfast in hotel.
7. Saturday Late Morning to Mid Afternoon - Dyno Day in Lewisville.
8. Saturday Noon - Lunch at dyno location (Texas grill).
9. Saturday Late Afternoon - NSXer free time/Tech Seminar/shopping
10. Saturday Evening - NSX cocktail reception (hotel) and Dinner at near-by location.

11. Sunday Morning (4/14) - Made-to-order breakfast in hotel.
12. Sunday Late Morning to Noon - Departure luncheon at near-by location.

Our base hotel is the Embassy Suites - Outdoor World (a.k.a. DFW Airport North - located in
Grapevine, Texas). You can see details about the hotel here: http://www.embassysuites.com/en/es/hotels/index.jhtml;jsessionid=VCGSFECGMQSR5J31AOSMK3Q?ctyhocn=DALEMES

Maps to the hotel for NS-teX-po 2002 can be found here: http://www.embassysuites.com/en/es/hotels/directions.jhtml?ctyhocn=DALEMES

Our negotiated rate for this year's event is $115.00 per night. This rate INCLUDES a full suite
(single or double), a made-to-order full breakfast every morning, and a manager's cocktail
reception every evening! We have a block of rooms under "The NSX Group" for 11 APR - 14 APR.

They DO NOT have on-line/web group reservations available yet, but there are two phone numbers
you can call to make reservations at the Embassy Suites Hotel (they have us on file):

Local - (972) 724-2600
Toll Free - 1-800-EMBASSY (362-2779)
***Be sure to mention you're with the NSX group!!!***
***You MUST make your hotel reservations by 28 MAR 02!!!***
***Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you plan on attending!!!***

So, that's it for now! Please stay tuned for the NS-teX-po 2002 URL and more detailed
information. REMEMBER - if you plan on attending (no "maybees" at this time - please), e-mail at
[email protected] and tell me you're planning on attending - tell how many guests will be with
you!!! Come see how the NSXers do it "Texas style"! ;>)


Brent Cobb
Director NS-teX-po 2002
Director NSXPO 2002

NOTE: This event is open only to NSX owners and their families and other pre-approved parties
(if not NSX owner - e-mail for inquiry).
Hey all,
Just a reminder/update about NS-teX-po 2002 that will be held in Dallas, TX from the evening of
11 APR 02 to noon 14 APR 02!

So far, we have 24 NSXes to attend and 43 people (including guests) who plan on attending! We
hope to see you too!

Please remember that you have to this Friday (29 MAR 02) to make reservations at the Grapevine,
TX Embassy Suites NSX rate - $115.00. After the 29th, we loose the special rate. You can still
make reservations after the 29th, but the rates will be higher. So, make the reservations now
before the 29th!
Local - (972) 724-2600
Toll Free - 1-800-EMBASSY (362-2779)
***Ask for the NSX Rate***

Also, if you plan on attending and have not e-mailed [email protected] with your name, guest
number, and hotel/no hotel, please do so as soon as possible!

An updated schedule will be provided TODAY on our simple yet effective web page for this event: http://www.linkingtheplanet.com/nstexpo/
All updates will be listed on that page as they become available!

See you in Dallas in April AND in November!
Brent Cobb