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NSX 02 Style Forged Monoblock Feeler

Am I the only one that thinks the OEM rears are a tiny bit concave already?? You guys see what Im seeing right?? For the record, I had 02s on my 96 and I love it. They're in storage now. 18s (more) concave would be sweet.
Adding a more modern look (concave faces for both F + R) will have a desirable affect in my opinion. I'd look to use the O2+ wheel design as a source of inspiration, and evolve it into a more modern footprint/aesthetic while retaining the functionality. Something like a version 2.0 of the 02+ design.
I got no problem with concave rears or fronts at all but everything has to fit stop tech BBK. Also on the wish list would be lighter than 02 type R wheels. I want a set in champ white!
The overlay shown with 17x8 versus the 17x7 has the the 17x8 flatter&thicker than the 17x7. Am I reading the diagram incorrectly???
The overlay shown with 17x8 versus the 17x7 has the the 17x8 flatter&thicker than the 17x7. Am I reading the diagram incorrectly???

I don't think those are overlayed sizes on one diagram- that looks like just the single wheel. I'm not sure what the other linework represents, possibly the shape before forging or something.
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View attachment 122444[/QUOTE]

Looks to me the top photo is of the rear 18x9.5 (1895) / while the bottom photo is of the front 17x8 (1780)

The blue lines represents the forged blank in which is it originally going to be cut from to give you a better idea of how much concavity is possible with this wheel. From the diagram, the fronts will be flat faced like OEM while the rear will have a slight concave look.
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GTtheory, the first renderings you posted showed a very dished rear (usually referred to as concave though technically incorrect). I have seen that dished profile in person on Caroline-NSX's car and it does look great. Can you clarify if that is possible? I remember he had the huge BBK under his at one point too so clearance should be possible for stop techs still.
The delay has been in trying to source the correct forgings in order to mimic the factory 02 style exactly, which has been a no go so far. The concave version originally pictured can be built anytime, BBK clearance is not a problem. It seems like it's divided 50/50, those who want the exact same design as factory and those who like the concave version. The standard color will be the OEM BMW Silver, I can do other finishes at an additional charge.
Set ordered and will be going into Production soon. Front 17 x 8 offset +45, Rear 18 x 9.5 offset +41. 4 - 6 weeks turnaround time. Thanks Brandon.
Very cool can't wait to see a set.. I would want them in the type r white.. How about center caps? Fit Oem honda center caps?
My understanding is that oem centercaps could fit. If you want a set in champ white maybe we can pool ours together to reduce finishing costs.
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Any updates on this? Would love to see alternative out there who like the '02 look but prefer staggered sizing.
I can't hold my breath any longer... Need to see mcrider's install pictures. I would love to see 18" rears with BBK clearance.
Had another question- will these be made with the usual tapered lug nut seats so we can use all the lug nuts out there for aftermarket wheels? I have ARP extended studs and plenty of tapered lug nuts to go with all my advan/Volk/etc wheels, and of course the factory lug nuts with the acorn seat doesn't work with extended studs.
Great idea and love the idea!

I already own (x3) sets of OEM 02+ wheels in various colors but the one thing that bugged me about them for the NSX fitment is that I wish the rears were 18" instead of 17's. The OEM 02+ wheels are great for my s2000's so I end up running them on those cars mainly because the rear does not have an 18" option.

If you guys can do an 18" option with similar offset to the current stock setup that would be ideal.

Personally I think getting even FIVE NSX owners to agree on a size is impossible, with this type of custom work, my suggestion is to build an 17/18" fitment with OEM offsets. Don't try to get creative. You have to cater to the majority crowd. If you start to vary too many options you will never get this built.

I just run a 10mm spacer on the front wheel to fit my s2000 perfect. If I wanted to get these to fit on the NSX, use a 15-20mm spacer to get the aggressive stance.

here's my s2000 sporting my gun-metal set:
No wheels at this time. Its gone quiet :confused:
Yes, I was hoping to see them in context. My rear tires are at the halfway point at the moment and I was considering a new set of wheels all together if these looked great with aggressive fitment.