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NSX Australia 2013

id love to bring me Nsx but how much do you think appox will it cost? I live in QLD and have family in Tasmania so I'd like to attend just short on cash atm lolz....
id love to bring me Nsx but how much do you think appox will it cost? I live in QLD and have family in Tasmania so I'd like to attend just short on cash atm lolz....


Please find info below (plus more info at


Completion of the form
Please complete the whole form by entering details in the shaded areas ( ), or circling any optional answers (Yes / No).

Personal details
Residential address

Contact phone number Contact email address
NSX Prime name (if any)
I will be accompanied Yes / No by

I would like twin / double / separate rooms
If travelling alone, I am happy to share with

Sydney welcome function
I and my accompanying person will / will not be attending the Sydney function.

I have the following food needs
(Please note – while we will do our best to accommodate your needs, we cannot guarantee that all locations will be able to meet those needs)

Shirt sizes
Please provide shirt size – Self Accompanying person

I will / will not be bringing my car to the event
Model Year Registration
I am willing / not willing to allow another participant to drive the car in Tasmania while I am a passenger (you will have the right of veto).

Travel to/from Tasmania
Accompanying persons who attend the Sydney function will be transferred to Launceston by plane on Tuesday 19 February. You will need to make your own arrangements for your accompanying person (if any) to return home from Tasmania. If you wish him/her to accompany you on the ferry, we can include them in the group booking at your cost (approx $216 each way for a berth).

I wish to have the accompanying person travel with me on the ferry. Yes / No
Please nominate the date for the return ferry trip / /2013 . This may be changed without charge at a later date.

A non refundable deposit of $A300 per person is required to secure your place.
The balance of $A1,950 per person is required to be paid by 15 November 2012.
Payment can be made by Mastercard or Visa only.

Credit card details
Card type Mastercard / Visa
Name on card
Expiry date / CSV

I authorise NSX Australia 2013 Pty Ltd to charge my credit card with the deposit now and the balance on the due date.

Return of application
Applications will be processed in strict order of return. If the applications exceed the number of available places you will be added to a standby reserve list. You will receive an acknowledgement of your application. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours, please email your details to [email protected] as there may have been something on your form that prevented us from being able to contact you.

Applications have been issued in .doc form so that the application form can be completed on your computer and emailed back to us. If for security reasons you wish, you can fax the form to 9589 0374, or send multiple copies of the application that together contain the whole of the credit card details.

Please return you application form as soon as possible. On behalf of the Honda Sports Car Club, we look forward to having you as our guest.
NSX Australia 2013 – Epilogue

Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays; Your NSX Australia 2013 Organising Committee is expecting that we’re going to have such a great time, that no-one will want to go home. Sooooo, we have arranged a great “After Party”;

After we arrive back in Melbourne, we will disembark from the ferry at around 6:30 on the morning of Monday, February 25th. We will drive to ESSENDON HONDA, http://www.essendonhonda.com.au
Thanks to the generosity of the great team at Essendon Honda, we will be able to enjoy a sizzling breakfast.

The call is going out to all the Melbourne based NSXers, who couldn’t do the awesome Tasmanian section of the event, to join us for breakfast, a great photo opportunity (the meeting of the most NSX’s ever in the southern hemisphere !!!) followed by a run down the Great Ocean Road to the World Heritage listed Twelve Apostles http://www.visitgreatoceanroad.org.au/twelve-apostles. After lunch, our South Australian friends will continue on home and we will continue on to major Race Car Transmission manufacturer, Albins, in Ballarat http://www.albinsgear.com.au . Their transmissions are used around the world, including our own V8 Super car series. We will over-night in Ballarat, before going our separate ways. For those without cars, some of us will return via Melbourne airport, so we can arrange a drop-off.

There is no cost for the Epilogue, but Essendon Honda and Albins have insisted that we advise them of exact numbers, at least 2 weeks in advance; NO “walk-ins” on the day. Simply let us know that you will be there, by emailing to; [email protected]

To our overseas friends; We apologise for the short notice. We understand that many of you will have fixed air tickets and other arrangements. If you are able to change your schedule and join us, you will be most welcome… …and treated like royalty.

Please get those RSVP’s in and Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas from the all of the Committee and Essendon Honda.
From Sydney, I'll be flying in tomorrow morning with the international guests.


OMG, you missed another opportunity to tour in an NSX!? its such a great comfy tourer as you now know. looking forward to meeting a keen fan.

Well, I'm here at Kerferd and waiting boys and girls...... :)

That is really cool......looking forwarding to meeting Mr Uehara-san.

Here's a few pics from tonight............most NSXs I saw at the one place was 4 prior to tonight..............counted 16 NSXs including mine which didn't go..........really sinning right now as I said to some.....green with envy.... Felt a bit overwhelmed seeing so many together to be honest...........in a good way. ;)

Have fun all, catch you on Saturday!!!





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Where's all the pics thought it would have been a camera click fest.
I had a blast of a time yesterday. Although it was just 1 small day out of the whole event, I got a glimpse of why everyone I spoke to had only praise for the event and organisers. The grins on their faces are proof of the fun they had.

Big thanks to AU_NSX, NSXBOX, Malcom and Felix for the great day out. The pic below is one quick snap of the cars close to the top of Mt Wellington. Can't believe it only takes 20 mins from Hobart to hit sweeping turns and corners with speed limits of 100, minimal traffic on a Saturday.......very very jealous.

Big thanks to Ian for arranging for my glove box lid to be signed by the father of the NSX, Uehara-san. This was a very touching moment for me, getting to meet the person who made our cars a reality. I was hoping to be able to just say hi, the biggest thing I was looking forward to.........but actually being able to talk to this legend in an informal down-to-earth way was unbelievable.....favourite colour, Senna....... This photo with him will be in my special collection for all time (thanks Ian again!!!).

Uehara-san gave a great speech during dinner relating to his beginnings at Honda in the 70's, the project that started the NSX, the development of the NSX, the development of the S2000, Senna's involvement.......it was just very very special.

Great also to meet Lud, the father of Prime!!!

Just great to meet everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you all tomorrow at Essendon Honda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The shot at Pipers Brook Winery, thanks Felix for climbing the tanks!

Felix Alim 002.jpg