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Nsx clutches

Whoa, hang on..someone else asked about that a while ago and the general consensus was "No it cannot be adjusted"..
How do you adjust the engagement point?>

'91 Black/Black
#1213 Dali Clutch/Flywheel, Comptech Sway Bars, K&N Cone intake, Comptech/Supertrapp Exhaust
This topic reminded me of an email I re-read last week when I was asking myself the same question.

I received the following email 8/28/98 from the NSX list.

I had needed a clutch pedal adjustment for a while and have not had the
time to go to the dealer, so I decided to go about it myself....

To do this, you need to locate the retaining nut behind the clutch pedal,,
it is along the 1/8" to 3/16" black rod on the pedal side, loosen the bolt,
press the clutch pedal slightly to take pressure off of the rod and turn
the rod slightly until the pedal feels right, then tighten the retaining
nut. Sounds simple doesnt it?


Getting behind the clutch pedal with my knuckle dragging hands is not easy,
getting a normal size 12mm wrench behind there and onto the retaining nut
is NOT easy ( I ended up finding a shorter 12mm, of course Murphy was
assisting today, so it was the last wrench I looked at). then There is the
loosening of the damn nut...aaarrrggghhhh.

After 3 hours, I finally adjusted the pedal, but in the spirit of doing
things, I have over adjusted the clutch ever so slightly, I should have
known, as Mr Murphy whispered " nah, a little bit more wont hurt."

I get back underneath the dash, attempting to looosen the nut, and WHACK, I
hit my index finger knuckle on something very very sharp.... S&%T!!! I
should get stitches, but I'm not, duck tape (and some neosporin) fixes this
too ! (I'm a knuckle dragger afterall).

It shifts great, smooth and effortless, but the clutch release is a little
higher than I want...I am contemplating going to the Acura dealer and
fessing up, I have to say something as there is a little of my DNA on the
carpet, I dont want them wondering if I hid some body parts in the car

When Krista came home, she found me scrubbing blood from the garage floor,
she said "your boss finally pushed you over the edge, didnt he?" I replied,
"I wont be having problems with him anymore."

MORAL: If you are thinking of doing something just to save time, you
probably wont.

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