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NSX engine almost blew up due to Flexer JR James Crosby

24 February 2008
Hi guys/gals. I really didn’t want to post something like this but my NSX engine could have blown at any time and I was very very lucky it didn’t….It was a ticking time bomb.

I thank god that it didn’t. JR has not been willing to help with any of this from his horrible install.

As he is from Utah I figured it would be best to post this in a Utah forum also.

Here is the original NSX Prime thread:


Hope these pictures speak for themselves………….details are below.



The ex owner “JR” James Crosby aka screen name is “Flexer" who lives in Provo Utah did the NSX timing belt and water pump about exactly a year ago at around 104xxx miles. I bought her at around 107k miles in early March this year.

As soon as I drove her home to WA from Utah (800miles) I park her for a few days and I notice a nice oil leak. I take her to an NSX shop Zahntech (Mastertechs) and we discover it has 3 oil leaks (Cam Seals, Front Crank Seal, Rear Cam Plug)

As Zahntech is fixing all the oil leaks he discovers something very scary. The timing belt install is horrible I mean horrible condition…………The engine could have blown at any moment. I was driving through the woods of Utah, Idaho, eastern Oregon and WA with no cars and cell phone service for miles. If the timing belt snapped than….I’ve also shown these pictures to a NSX mechanics and shops on prime and they agreed it looked like a horrible install.

You guys know how expensive the NSX engine is? Upwards of $20- $30k for engine alone I’ve read.

This goes 100% against what JR said. He said he did the timing belt perfectly and did every step per the manual. He also said that it is not that hard of a task if you know the basics. Well the facts and pictures speak for themselves…..When I showed JR the pictures, he said he was shocked and agreed it looked horrible. He actually urged that I post these on the forums as he said he deserved this.

Than he backed up the next day and said that a bolt head sheared in the picture which caused all the damage and all these issues are a normal wear and tire item for a NSX at over 100k miles. Actually JR you are wrong. Zahntech who did the work and took the picture shows the cast portion broken off, not a bolt tensioner. The whole install was horrible not just this issue and picture. (Keep reading below) JR than tried to make fun of the NSX shop and saying they don't know what they are talking about.

Zahntech is a very very well respected shop in the Seattle Community especially on NSX’s.

Here is what Zahntech found……..

1. New timing belt had holes in it
2. Timing belt has no tension
3. Tensioner is rubbing on pulley
4. Idler is rubbing on pulley
5. Oil pump cast piece broke off and is rubbing on pulley
6. Missing Fasteners/Screws on timing and valve cover
7. Timing cam is not on correct tooth.

I have asked him for help several times on email, text and phone. He says he is broke and strapped for cash since he is buying a new house. I actually sent him a wire and cashiers check in the $30s just a few weeks ago……….I’m not sure if he realizes that I would have been out $20-30k just for the engine only if it blew…..

Well here are the facts and pictures and hopefully they speak for themselves. I don’t want to judge anyone so let this speak for itself. I’m not sure what else I can do at this point as I’m now stuck with the cost but will be back to mint after all the repairs.

Please note that I also took the car to the Mike Hale Acura for a PPI who missed all these issues and many other minor ones. I’ve already tried calling and writing a letter to their President and also all their managers. The response on the phone was that they only do a basic inspection and they are not perfect.

Thank you for taking your time for reading this. Also thank you to Zahntech for helping to find all these issues before the engine blew. Also thank you to NSX prime its owners and mechanics for helping me with data, encouragement and advice also.
Sorry to let you in on a little secret..

You bought a used car. One with over 100k miles. You bought one knowing "some guy" (flexer) who is not a mechanic by trade did major engine work.

I'm sure he felt he did a reasonable job. I've thought similarly, and been proven wrong in the past.

And now trying to get money out of him? C'mon... you bought a car with over 100,000 miles. If the tranny exploded on the drive down his street on your first drive as owner, he still wouldn't be under any obligation to do anything.

Everything I've ever had done on my car was done at Acura of North Scottsdale or (99%) by Mark Basch of basch accurate svc. Therefore you may expect a reasonable amount of expertise with the work.
i wish your merchanic would help finish every potential problem.
also, u are lucky enough with that long trip.
right now, it seems ur nsx will be taken care under a good merchanic soon. everything will be fixed. good luck.

anyway, he wont take responsibility because he knows that you will not visit his location again.
at least, the previous owner should tell him after u made full payment.

after i gave the owner fully cash for my nsx,i asked him 2 times if there is any potential problem that i need to fix. he tells me that everything works fine. actually, i have driven it 4months. everything seems good although mine is salvage.
Thanks guys :) Zahntech did fix her up perfect and she made great dyno #'s :)

It is what it is at this point and nothing left to do now except move forward with a now great NSX :)