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NSX financing?

Make sure you read the fine print on those checks. Some CC charge you a fee for using those. Not a big deal if you only use 1 check, but it would be an issue if you used many of them.

It's 3% or max $199 per check. The only thing I would need to do is tear up the CC after the check, since any new purchases would gain interest at the normal (higher) rate and none of the monthly payment would go towards the new purchases.
I just did my Zanardi from pentagon FCU, 4.25% for 60 months. Insane rate and an easy process:wink:
Yeah, keep looking.


Timing belt is due by year, not mileage and the CCU is showing typical symptoms.

Other than that, I was looking to purchase this car but instead went with black.
I financed through my local credit union and received a rate of 4.99 for 60months. Credit unions are your best bet.

Absolutely. I don't own an NSX but refinaned my new Civic with the Pentagon Federal Credit Union for 4.25%. For a $20 donation anyone is elgible to join.

More restrictive is the Navy Credit Union which if you qualify for membership you can finance your vehicle for 3.5%.