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NSX GT cover of OZ magazine next month

27 May 2002
Sydney,NSW, Australia
Enjoy one of the pics of my cover feature from Autosalon magazine next month here in Australia

Thanx Nico
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You make me feel like I own a chevy (notice no upper-case "c")

Normally don't like the decals and extra frill, but you've placed them all very nicely. Extremely clean, and very well done.

Super Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What can I say Nico that has not been said already...

I know, I will make up a word... Absofuckinglutely fantastic photo mate!

I was present the last time you stopped your car in George St, and the resulting crowd that congregated, it's no wonder you are on the cover next month!

It is a wonder though why you have not been arrested yet for causing a public disturbance whilst driving it around Sydney... :wink:
Nice picture Nico!

I got a question regarding the color of your car tho.... is it a oem formula red or is it aftermarket red?



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Beyond sweet. Congratulations!
One of the coolest (if not the coolest) car in this community - it's so cool that the sheep count this car when they go to sleep... :biggrin:

BTW: I'm afraid if Gerard sees this pic he puts his golden rims back on his red car again instead of the black ones :wink:
Congrats Nico! I checked out the current AutoSalon which has three mags in one but they were shrink-wrapped. That's not the one you're in, right??? I've been meaning to call you to ask. (I only buy auto-salon mags when you're in it)

AU_NSX said:
It is a wonder though why you have not been arrested yet for causing a public disturbance whilst driving it around Sydney... :wink:

That's because the Police were looking for you and that 120db Gruppe M v3.;) :D

Also, here's a photo of Nico's car in the last AutoSalon Magazine - he was in the top ten "Street Cars of the Year" for the 2nd year in a row. Not hard to see why.


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Was never a big fan of gold wheels, but I have to admit they look hot this car.
nsxrox- thanx mate !

neo- its not out yet begining of September!

cg- It is the Kawagen Lemans bumper modified for Sorcery wide fenders!

jdm- thanx mate when I was thinking to respray my car I was thinking of your colour.

NSXHK- its OEM red. I think its cos that pic has peen pshopped a bit!

ko and AGP- I'll see If I can't source bigger what size ?

fury- Randy I like that Picture of the year. heheeh as above I'll see if I can't higher res.

To the rest thanx for the support and help over the years.
BTW, to all the US NSX Primer's I'll be making the trip up to NSXPO 05' so you guys there I'll bring some copies up.

Its also been confirmed that I'll be featured in a US magazine!
haha... your car in LAMBO orange would be sick... i'd be honored to see my color used on another GREAT widebody nsx... lets keep that color among the elite widebodiers... haha :biggrin:

JDMNSXR - downforce
HISHI's - sorcery
and now yours... :biggrin: