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Nsx meet in san diego!!!

9 June 2005
To all of you who attended the meet thanks alot for coming out!!! You guys were great sports and you all have great cars. I hope we can all do this again sometime and remember my house is always open to all fellow sport car freaks (NSX especially). Everyone be cool and stay tuned for more threads by me!!!!


Heres some pics!!!


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Thanks for holding the event and feeding all of us!! The food and "entertainment" were GREAT!! That was very, very gracious of you!! Look forward to doing it again and partying with more NSXers!!
Thanks again!!

PS...tell Autumn she's CRAZY!!!!! But she can drive my NSX anytime......

Well, there is the possibility of me getting stationed in San Diego in the near future...its good to know there is some NSX activity out there.
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I just figured it out... a Lamborghini is actually a 2120 NSX with the "Back To The Future" option installed!


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Alright guys.... where's the "real" pictures?
Thx again K. Great fun and... the "VIP" room ??? Is that what those dark booths have been all this time.