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NSX modified- Who else got left hanging? Well, here's one....

My only experience with Larry at NSX Modified is that he had installed my H&R Springs. Other than his shop as a meeting point for our monthly meetings and meeting other NSX owners.



And Larry's first name has 5 characters too.


one big screwup from a shop pretty much does it for me....i'm not sure why many still fall into the "he has done great work for me before" trick.

from a logical perspective, only one false is needed to prove false as a whole.....
Incredible how this saga ended up like this.

Just to think that I even contemplated making the drive down to SoCal to investigate his turbo kit...
OK- my turn to chime in. I was one of those loyal main NSX Modified customers and supporters. I have one of Larry's "Flagship" cars, which has made an appearance in Turbo Mag., and has almost every major modification and dress up done to it- including from him a totally built engine that SHOULD easily withstand the 150shot it's running.

I've had the car almost a year and have had some overheating problems which have come at the worst times, once at Willow Springs, and the other at the local autox. The problems were recurring and Larry kept changing out hoses saying they were leaking and causing the problem, when I should of know it was a most likely only a thermostat, the car was pegged to the red which most likely caused a blown head gasket(hopefully this is all) which the car is in the shop for right now. I feel he should of known this long before I made the countless trips to his shop, most of the time ended up hanging out since he didnt get to my car till late, and I did not want to hang around. Most of these times I saw Danny there for the course of his turbo saga.

I lost a deal selling a Dali coolant bottle that he was going to repolish, but I never got back, also lost some $$ on two coolant hoses and some cat bypass pipes that he had waiting for me.

I am also in a bad situation with a bad #4 cylinder which was the first dianosis, I AM WISHING that nothing else is wrong. ONce they pull the motor :(

I am not in the situation that Danny is which I wish him the best of luck with getting this resolved. All I want now is a good running car that's it. For those wondering , it's at Autowave in Socal. and so far they have great and professional.

If this shop reopens it has by far lost most likely too much respect in our community to even try and make it. At least thats the way I see it. So I'm hoping for a good turn out aswell.
NSXGeek! said:
Sorry to hear this :( There is an excellent alternative (NSX shop, dyno, excellent techs, etc.) right down the road, check it out:


I used Autowave back in september when i picked up my nsx before driving it back to St. Louis. Very helpful and friendly bunch. I actually used them as a second choice when Larry didnt show, and i had to have my car ready for the road that day.

If I had one of Larry's turbos I would seriously consider taking that thing off my car. From the looks of it you would be MUCH better off over the long run without it IMO.

Also - as I think about all the problems Doug's racing NSX reported through the years on www.pulpracing.com it makes you wonder how many of the problems where sloppy service and not bad luck. No way to ever know. I was taught pretty early on when I started programming to always make your workplace and your code as neat and well documented as possible. That way if there is a problem with a customer they will think it was an honest mistake and not an overall problem with a sloppy worker.

12 12

Fact: Turbo gone, $850 deposit for motor rebuilt gone, not even a phone call to come pick up my car (never), rob Peter to pay Paul (my right door speaker gone after leaving car for initial turbo install).

As a far as the comment checking reference who knows **** happen, hard lesson. Turbo install out my league hence Nsx M. As far as other service on any automobile I can do it in my sleep.

Matteni, 5inchflap does not have turbo, He has 150 shot nos only.

It's horrible to hear all of this has happened to so many club members. Since I sold my NSX last year, I have not been in touch with the shop as there hasn't been a need. I was completely out of the loop until a fellow member told me what had happened during a recent meet. Fortunately for me, I had never had anything but first class service from him and was not put in such horrible situations. In fact, he had helped me out so many times I was even putting together a small site for him (which never materialized as he never provided content).

Although I am not affiliated with them in any way, I feel a small level of responsibility having recommended the shop to many in the past. I want to apologize to anyone who may have used NSXM per any of my recommendations and been used or taken losses in the process. I realize I am just one of many who may have recommended the shop due to the service they received, but the least I can do is take responsibility for my misjudge of character and apologize to the community.

It's strange how a shop so important to the community (recall that monthly chapter meetings were held there) could turn out to damage so many members. I'm still in disbelief, but I was always more of the gullible type. :eek:
Hey 5inchfatlip,

Now, I know that I'm new to the board, but I've been shopping for an NSX, so I thought I'd research online. This site came highly recommend'd by the guys @ www.S2Ki.com. I work around the corner from AutoWave & I just stopped by this morning on my way in to work, so I could ask some questions & I saw them working on your car, which, BTW, is gorgeous. Now, I have no point-of-reference when it comes to the whole NSX Modified situ. as I have had no experience w/ them, however, I did hear the techs at the shop talking about some of the shoddy work that had been done to your engine. From what I could gather, it appears he was using a silicon sealant to try & stop some leaks you may have had & I believe there were some other pieces that were siliconed in place instead of fixing them properly (just what I heard, by no means is that meant to be any sort of diagnosis).
As a prospective NSX'er, I am concerned about these kinds of deceptive business practices, and am, consequently, thrilled by this community's honest, straight-forward, & unbiased nature in dealing w/ them. My initial reasoning behind choosing the NSX as my next car was what I believe was most people's -- I drove one. But, now that I've found this community, I know I've truly made the right decision. I wish nothing but the best for all of you having difficulties due to this situation & hope things will work themselves out. If there's ever anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask, because you guys have already given me more education & help than I could ever put into words.

Thanks for letting me rant for a few mins........

Interesting... I just checked pulpracing.com. The front page now says he has his car prepared by Autowave.

Last time I talked to Doug (months ago), he told me that Larry was going to be his mechanic at the OTC. I hope it isn't so.
HPV100 said:
...Doug ...he told me that Larry was going to be his mechanic at the OTC.

I doubt it.

Doug has a big AutoWave logo and link in one of his pulp story chapters with bold letters saying "AutoWave is now prepping the Flameobile!!!"
But just think all of the spare parts Doug could have had....
Merlynxx- thanks for the compliment....here is another twist to my saga with Larry.

I bought the car through Larry's strong consideration that this is THE car to buy. The motor was pulled today and only seems to be a head gasket which is good news for me. I hope the machine shop doesnt find anything else.

BUt as the internals were checked, to my amazement I was running stock pistons, I dont think the cylinders were sleeved as told, my head was not ported, the only thing that matched from what I knew were the colder iridium plugs, a ported intake manifold, and throttle body. Iwas told my heads were milled as well- maybe my fuel pressure wasnt even tuned, who knows.

I think for sure my car was not built for the shot of nitrous I am running. Keep in mind that its a 150 direct port and I've pulled a stock Viper GTS, and an older 993 TT Porsche on full squeeze.
I believe that I would of popped something REAL BAD if I would of kept going and the rate I was, also the gunky sealant that Merlynxx posted above who knows what else would happen. A couple years ago the car dynoed almost 400RWHP but proably on the built motor I SHOULD have.I will go check this out tommorow, although I dont really know too much about internals, but I will snap some pics.

It's hard to belive I ran around thinking I had a somewhat "built" motor when it could of been a ticking time bomb. All I want now is a good running car. I'll miss the big "hold on here it comes" force of the nitrous that's for sure, but a well running car is much more worth it.
5inchfatlip, while they have it apart why dont you have them do it up like you thought NSXM was supposed to. drop in some forged pistons and get a strong HD gasket and you can spray away.

On the thread topic,I am very shocked at what has transpired with NSXM. I dont believe I have any unique insight into the matter as forum members have pretty much said it all.I hope this does not taint new owners opinion about dealing with the well established shops and vendors that have served our community so well.
Best Regards David
My NSXM Turbo is getting yanked and replaced with a GJ. That decision was made before this thread by the way. I am glad mine never blew up. I used some common sense, if it didn't feel "right" I didn't blast it and always monitored my A\F guage, even if it was just the shitty autometer. I feel like mine could have been done a lot better for the $$$, but I went into it knowing it was an experiment. At the time, around Xmas 2001, there was Comptech, GRUPPEM, BBSC, and NSXM. Comptech and GRUPPEM seemed like a lot of money for not that much extra juice. I didn't know jack about the NSX or boosting anything either at the time. I called Mark Basch and offered him extra money in 1st week of December 2001 to do mine NEXT in San Diego, he said he would call back when he checked his schedule. He still hasn't called back. SO I found NSXM, and Larry offered me the option of a used Comptech but I am a gambler\addict personality so I picked the EXPERIMENTAL turbo. Well, it was a fun project, it cost a lot, and I learned a lot - specifically that I want a Turbo from Gerry Johnson!!! As soon as Gerry says "GO" I am pointing towards Modesto for some makeover magic.
As Ilya has posted above, I also feel bad about my one post recommendation for NSX Modified in the Vendors section, after having read everything that has transpired. I took my car down to LA from the Bay Area to have the clutch and flywheel replaced. He did an great job with it, although it was true that I did have to wait late into the night, and an extra day to have the work done. However, my car runs excellent, and I believe that his work was thorough. I watched him do almost all of the work on my car while I was down there, and he was kind enough to explain what he was doing at each point in time.
I am very sorry that this has happened to my fellow NSXers, and I hope that a resolution presents itself quickly.

are there any counterpoints to this?

how many cars has/did he work on?

im curious if this was a widespread problem with lots of warning signs/bad experiences or just a short term/failing business thing.

huckster said:
are there any counterpoints to this?

how many cars has/did he work on?

im curious if this was a widespread problem with lots of warning signs/bad experiences or just a short term/failing business thing.


i sure wouldn't want my NSX there during the "short term" failing business.......
He's worked on tons of cars, heavily modified to stock ones.
Who knows what else has happened, the speaker missing still amazes me.

It could of been an ongoing thing that has been happening just didnt get to where it is until now. Also seems like the cars left overnight were the worst ones, when the owner sat and watched although it usually took a WHOLE day into late night, the work seemed ok.
this is just an idea...but for those who were lucky to have that exemplary service from NSXM and Larry...Were you ALL on site or very close by at the time of service?

Is there a recurring theme of people who will ride him and be personally available to kick some A$$ if soemthign goes wrong getting better service than those who felt they got scammed or shoddy service and were not readily available or locals (as in local residents)???

just a thought...

OH...and BTW, I often wondered about Dougs problems as well...was it bad luck, or bad work? certainly it couldn't have been bad luck for that many years...could it?
Re: Please read

nsxparts.com said:
...I watched him go out to the back of his shop and pull mirrors off another jag. A silver one...

LSS - I came out again for more small parts. This time I was looking for interior parts. Warren (THe shop owner) sent me to the back to look over the silver car. I was sitting in the car (Pretty well stripped) looking for AC parts when the OWNER OF THE CAR walked up.

He asked me if I was looking for parts. I answered "yes." He filled me in on the fact that the car was his and it was in for tranny service, for over a year. I thought he was kidding. The hood, fenders, wheels, brakes, interior, steering wheel, trunk lid, lights, etc were all missing. It looked like a parts car...

The question becomes, how does your car stay someplace ONE YEAR and get stripped and you NOT know it???? That boggles the mind.

Also, why was he talking to you and not raising some cane to the owner of the shop about why his car was stripped??? Did he say anything else?? I would not have been that calm.