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Nsx na1 5-speed transmission & clutch kit

7 March 2013
Castaic California
up for sale is my old 5-spped transmission and clutch kit . I just swap a 6-speed transmission in to my 91 nsx (dual disc ) i assumed my car had the original oem clutch and i bought the sos 275 clutch for my new transmission , a 2005 6-speed transmission , i got my nsx a few years back , i never had any problems with it i just wanted a 6-speed . When i pulled my transmission i found that it already had the clutch that i needed to swap in the 6-speed . I changed it anyway since it was already apart . Everything in the pics is included . Im not sure how much life is left in the disc but the aluminum flywheel is lighter than the one i put on . The transmission looks like its been opened before my car had 170k when i got it . No grinds no pop outs shifts super smooth . I dont really push up on the car too much but once in awhile i drive it hard and i have no problem with it at all , im only selling it cause i have no use for it anymore . Transmission $2000.00 and the clutch kit $800. Prices are firm . My prices are way lower than everybody else .if you want it shipped you have to pay for shipping and paypal fees . I have the shipping box from my 6-speed text