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NSX Prime - OC NSX meet pics 8-14-2005

9 February 2000
San Diego!!!!
Many thanks to William for setting up another weekly meet in the Orange County area. Those lunchtime meets really work out for us San Diego drivers. :)

Turnout was excellent, and considering the number of people and cars we had, Islands turned out to be an excellent last minute choice for accomodating us and our rides. Too bad the sun didn't want to break out, but maybe that gives another reason to have one again in a month or so. :)

I've posted up a set of pics here .






Re: OC NSX meet pics - 8-1-2005


That's it....i have to slam my car now after this thread....just beautiful.
Re: OC NSX meet pics - 8-1-2005

wow, that was quick randy!

you were lying on the ground for awhile, trying to take the perfect pic. bet this was it: :smile:
Re: OC NSX meet pics - 8-1-2005

wow, that's stunning
Re: OC NSX meet pics - 8-1-2005

Great pics Randy!!! It was great seeing you and meeting all the other NSXrs!!
Hope to see you all at least once more before heading overseas!!
Re: OC NSX meet pics - 8-1-2005

pvmike said:
Remember seeing the LS430 with Work Rezax? He took some photos:

Yeah, I saw that Lexus on the way down too. Sweet ride. Excellent stance. I couldn't get a picture of it though, since we got stuck in a bunch of traffic real quick.

There was a ton of nice hardware out there. We saw two F430s (awesome sound!!!) and a couple of Carrera GTs, one being a yellow one. I was told yellow one had rapper Eve in it followed by her bodyguards in an Escalade that kept cutting in between us and the GT.

not to mention a diablo also. So many nice cars all in one weekend
Stop wishing and start coming!!! you suck!!! :D Anywho, who would have thought we started with 4 cars for lunch............now we turned out 20+. This is Fabulous!!!.....

Randy, why did you take my photo with me sitting on the door? People are gonna flame me for sure :tongue: btw, you should be a PROfessional....these pic are niceee.

Zero-Cool said:
Those are some nice pics Randy...Wish I was there!!! :(
PoohBEAR said:
Randy, why did you take my photo with me sitting on the door? People are gonna flame me for sure :tongue:
When I saw you doing that, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. But still, that one isn't too bad. I'm hoping more people get on Kevin for that one pic I have of him. :D
May I ask who's the owner of this? i'm hoping to ask a question to the owner of this beautiful beast.

cdx nsx's car.
who owns the yellow nsx? Did they come down from san jose? Cause I was behind that yellow nsx on 5. Then saw it get pulled over at the grapevine. I was in the Beshoff Motors Vehicles Rental Mercedes ML350 friday night.
do you know what lowering option he used? I love the height....just curious if it was adjustable coilover or spring/shock combo.

FuryNSX said:
No, that's actually Samson's car. He has HREs. I don't believe he posts on Prime, at least not yet. :)