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Driving my new 1995 Midnight Pearl NSX (SoCal to DC)

good choice on the car...........and the colour isn't too bad if I do say so myself :)))))))). ENJOY!!
Very nice car. I just picked one up almost identical (same year and color) to it but it has some pretty badly damaged wheels that seem pretty small. My car seems to sit higher also. I'm wondering what size wheels those are and if it's been lowered. Thx.

The wheels on my NSX are 17" in front, 18" in the rear. The car at the time I posted these thread originally was lowered on Bilstein/Eibach.

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What's the mileage now Fred? 120k?

I'm now at 146K, so doing about 30K a year.
I really enjoyed this post, awesome nsx! congrats!