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NSX Sub Options!

10 July 2004
Planet Earth.
I am all out of the Earthquake SWS10 drivers. Unless I get MANY who want, I will only be offering the enclosures empty. Email if any questions [email protected]

Door plates $120shipped in the same box.

V3: Factory location enclosure, about .35 cu. ft. empty, nut clips and Allen head bolts, wire pig tail, polyfill, grill $450 shipped in the US.

Here is a pic of the V3:


I can get drivers for the V2!

V2 is done in black gel coat! It is about .67 cu. ft.

V2: 3" loss from stock and holds a JL10W1 or a JL10W3 with a spacer ring or the like, nut clips and Allen head bolts, wire pig tail, and polyfill $405 shipped

V2 with a JL10W1 installed with grill $605 shipped

To do a JL10W3 with spacer add $150

Pic of a V2:


I have the very last and only remaining V2 sub black carbon fiber with an upgraded RE10 sub in it!! Very strong and powerful sub!

You get the V2 enclosure, black CF, RE10 sub installed with grill $900+$30 shipping in the US!

Here it is!(not with the RE10, but you get the idea)



Let me know if any questions!