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NSX to NSXTarga?

23 May 2001
Hi, I'm new here. I have a mint 1994 black NSX with under 10K miles, black tinted windows and chromed stock wheels with gold Acura logo center caps. I really don't want to exchange "my baby" for a 1995 or newer NSX-T, but I do want the Targa feature that became available a mere 6 months after I purchased my car.

Hence, is there any way to Targa-ize my car, and at what cost? I am thinking of purchasing the roof from a damaged NSX-T and having it installed. Would this be economically reasonable? Or does anyone know of a reputable bodyshop in Florida that could put in an aftermarket roof? Or would I be better off trying to trade my 1994 due to possible structural issues with Targa-izing a hard top? Thanks for any input.
I just noticed the post below "Sun Roof for NSX". I am sorry for posting a similar topic. Someone in that thread mentioned the structural beam down the center of the roof. That is why I am leaning toward an aftermarket solution, but not a complete Targa: How about an after market T-top, one on each side of the support beam? This will maintain greater chasis rigidity than either using a NSX-T roof or and aftermarket sunroof. Does anyone know of a good bodyshop in the Orlando area (or Miami or Tampa if need be) that can do this? Thanks again.
You would destroy a "mint" '94 for a suntan?

Trade it in for a 95+ -- costwise, it'll be similar to the operation you're proposing, you'll end up with a better car, and you'll save a '94.

-Bob ('94 #496)
Don't do it!

If you want a "T", sell yours and buy a "T". There are a lot of people who prefer a fixed roof coupe over a "T".

If you modify the top by trying to make a "T" out of it, or by adding a sunroof, you'll damage the resale value of the car.


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I agree with flaminio, if the car is in as good shape as it sounds like it is, then you will be chopping up a great sample of a great automobile

When you try to resell it, the first thing people will ask about will be the chopped up roof and then try to offer you 10 cents on the dollar of what the car is worth

If I was in your shoes, I would look around for a newer model car hopefully in as good shape as yours and just trade up
If you chop your top, there will be a lot of extremely sad potential NSXers out there. Of all the NSXs, '94s provide the best bang for the buck. And to have a mint one, I'm sure you'd find a TON who would LOVE to take it off your hands for top dollar.

I often tell people go for a '94 if looking for the coupe, but '97 and later when looking for the T. In your case, since you're now looking for the open-air experience and already have a '94, I'll STRONGLY recommend going with a '97 or more recent T. You'll appreciate the extra horses and the tighter 6 speed gearing over your current car...plus you'll gain the open top experience that you now desire.

Just don't butcher your beautiful car...and, if you do, I don't want to hear about it.

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Originally posted by Joey:

Hence, is there any way to Targa-ize my car, and at what cost? I am thinking of purchasing the roof from a damaged NSX-T and having it installed.

Personally, I think it would be a crying shame to 'butcher' a beautiful piece of rolling artwork like the NSX - especially a 'mint' low-mileage one. This is not something that is reversible or repairable.

The only benefit would be that everyone who does something like that - chopped up convertibles, home-made targas, and other extreme conversions - increases the value of the remaining NSX's out there. There are such a small number of these cars out there that every one damaged, intentionally or through an accident, makes the car that much more rare.

If you truly desire the open top of a targa, there are quite a few people who would be more than happy to aquire your '94 at a good price allowing you to upgrade to a '97+ Targa ( I agree with Akira on that ) in good condition. Considering what it would cost to 'convert' your car it would probably be cheaper AND you would have what you want. And the quality of the 'T would be much better - I can't see ANYONE being able to even come close to a factory produced 'T.

My humble opinion - I'll climb off my soap box now

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Thank you all for your gentle, but firm, nudges placing me back on the true path. You are all correct, I should not, and will not, deface my '94. And I am ashamed for even considering it. If I do get a NSX-T, I might as well get the bigger engine six speed of the '97+ vintage. Hence, I will start saving my pennies to cover the price differential...by the way, what would that differential be between a '94 with 10K miles and a '97 with, say, under 30K miles? Any guesses?

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