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NSX vs. 993TT or M5

5 October 2000
Just out of curiosity, has any one on this board gone up against the new M5 or the 993TT?

If so how did you fair? Stock or otherwise.
My friend has the new M5 and that thing is just too fast off the line. He drives my car and I drive his and we both agree the M5 is a faster car. My nsx is a 91 5 speed with I/H/E so might not be as fast as the 97+ nsx. However, on the highway, I think I am able to keep up with him.
Dont even try to think about going against a Twin Turbo. Even with a supercharger. enjoy your car for what it is.
Originally posted by ladman:
Dont even try to think about going against a Twin Turbo. Even with a supercharger. enjoy your car for what it is.

Judging by the published stats, the 993TT has an edge off the line thanks to AWD but a supercharged 3.2L NSX looks comparable for the 1/4 mile and beyond.
Remember, the new M5 weighs 4000 pounds. So the power-to-weight ratio is very similar to that of the NSX. And according to the magazine tests, so are its acceleration numbers.
Every person ive known who has said another car (other car not being awd) was faster, because they were beaten off the line while driving an nsx, didnt know how to launch it.

Drive it like you stole it.

When i had my car, i never once got beaten through second gear by any non awd car on the street. Ofcourse if i was racing a high hp car, like a viper or bpu supra, they would blow my doors off once i got to third gear.

And to answer the original question:

I dunno bout an M5, but a stock 993tt will obliterate an all motor nsx, and solidly beat a 6-7psi supercharged 97+ in a drag race - from any speed. I have been on the receiving end of a couple of these...


Originally posted by David:
Against a new Turbo, however, it will get spanked at any speed over any distance. I drove one about a week ago and it was stupid fast. I have never been in such a docile street car that would flat out jump like that.

Agreed, Driven a 993TT and Turbo S. Both are insanely fast. Felt about as fast as the Bugatti EB110.

You've actually *driven* an EB110? Wow! That is my all-time dream car! Never seen one in the US though. How was it?
I posted this about a month ago on an off-topic thread:

Last night heading home in Ft Lauderdale I had the pleasure of racing a new M5 in my stock 94 NSX. We were unable to start from a dead stop as there was light traffic around us, but I was able to make a few 2nd to 3rd gear pulls, and each time he couldn't keep up. After I thought he had given up, I realized that I had passed my street a mile or so back, so I pulled into the next turn lane and made a fast U-turn. I look in my mirror and there he is right behind me also making the U-turn. This time there was no one in front of us for at least a mile. I was in second gear waiting for him to get next to me when I punched it. I pulled on him again. Not by a lot, but enough that led me to believe that I would have continued to pull on him forever. The feeling was nice, especially as the guy looked surprised that he didn't win. I motioned for him to pull over so we could talk (and I could check out his nice ride), but he just made another U-turn and went on his way (Mustang this is Ghost Rider, Mig two is bugging out and heading home. Great balls of fire!!!).
I saw a nice story on Speedvision last weekend about the M5, awesome car for sure!!! 400 HP, good handling (for a boat) and looks that kill IMO!!! I thought they said it did 0-60 in under 5 seconds. That's quick for a 4000 lbs plus car. I wonder how I would have done from a complete stop? I'm sure it would have been close. (end quote)

Everyone said the driver didn't know how to drive, or that he must have been breaking it in. I was impressed at how it moved, but I can't say he didn't know how to drive. Also, ZABADNSX ran into an M5 a while back. He said the M5 was unable to pull on him also. All I know is that from 30 miles an hour on, I was slowly pulling away. You do the math!
Originally posted by rquintero:

You've actually *driven* an EB110? Wow! That is my all-time dream car! Never seen one in the US though. How was it?

Yep driven it for a short period. Just to test drive. My friend bought it in 95 (if I remember correctly). He bought another one a year after that cause his wife trashed his first one after a lover quarel
He fixed it though. The car was in US for about 3yrs and in storage for most of the time. now, one is in malaysia and the other one is in canada. Too much hassle to keep it here especially in CA.

What was so funny is he never mentioned he was thinking about buying the car, until one day I was picking him up and he opened the garage. My first word is, why the heck do u buy a 300ZX? He said to take a closer look. Then I realized it's a Bugatti EB110. It looks like a 300ZX from across the driveway.