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NSX vs. Z06

20 October 2001
I've driven the Z06, and the car is very strong. I'm also considering a 93 or 94 NSX and adding a supercharger. How do the these two cars differ as to their driving characterisitics. How does the NSX corner? Does it stay flat during fast turns?Is there much understeer?
Thanks again. All input very much appreciated.

Stuart Hoffman
Did you try doing a search to see if this has been discussed before?

For example, a search might turn up threads like these:


Don't mind him.

How does the NSX corner?

Very well, thank you. It is extremely precise in cornering - it goes exactly where you point it, RIGHT NOW.

Does it stay flat during fast turns?

The amount of body roll is a function of the suspension. Some NSX models (e.g. Zanardi) have a firmer suspension than others. In general, it stays fairly flat for a stock car - but if it's not flat enough for you, you can get aftermarket suspension parts that will make it flatter and firmer (but they may also make the ride quality harsher).

Is there much understeer?

No, not much. And you can also get it to oversteer with the throttle, if you try to.

The NSX corners very well. Even after 10 years, it's still one of the best handling cars out there. Many enthusiasts will say that the NSX has a bit too much body roll and thus add the appropriate suspension bits and pieces to correct this. When set up properly the NSX is very neutral and is a joy to drive.

However, with all things being equal (i.e. no aftermarket mods, suitably skilled drivers), it looks like the Z06 will always post a better track time than a NSX. Particurlarly a pre-97 NSX.

When you compare the cars, they are essentially the same weight, but the Z06 has a significant advantage in HP and torque. The Z06 also has nearly perfect weight distribution.

I admire the Corvette and the Z06 for its bang-for-buck value. There's something to be said for good old Yankee ingenuity. Imagine...a pushrod V8 with a steel frame that weighs the same as a NSX. The quality of the new Vettes is much better than in the past, although I think it's fair to say that Honda and the NSX is still the clear leader here.

I suppose it all depends on what you want. Do you want to race Corvettes? Does 10 seconds on the track really matter?

I've wanted an NSX ever since I saw that yellow car on the cover of Car and Driver more than 10 years ago. My enthusiasm for this car hasn't waned one bit. For me, it's not about 10 seconds here or a 1/2 second in the 1/4 mile. It was the whole package.


1992 NSX Red/Blk 5 spd #0330
1991 NSX Blk/Blk Auto #3070 (Sold)
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I'll echo virtually everything in Jimbo's post. Well said. (although I wouldn't expect as much as a 10 second difference on many tracks. )

I would add emphasis to the fact that if you get an NSX you might wish to add an SC or turbo, and reduce roll and under-steer with suspension mods. Given these changes even a 3.0 will have performance numbers better than the Z06 AND you'll have an NSX, albeit a used one.

10 seconds was just a figurative example...although on a long track like Road America it might be realistic. And on Nurburgring who knows?

With a supercharger and suspension mods I still think the Z06 would have an edge, but it would be close...real close.


1992 NSX Red/Blk 5 spd #0330
1991 NSX Blk/Blk Auto #3070 (Sold)
1974 Vette 454 4 spd Wht/Blk
Looking for 76-79 Honda Accords
As luck would have it, Bryan Zublin was nice enough to let me drive his BaschBoost Supercharged NSX at Pahrump last week....and as luck would have it there was a Z06 there as well. We happened to be on the back straight at the same time and the Z06 couldn't run a way from me. Mind you Bryan's car is TOTALLY stock except for the supercharger. Granted driver skill is rather important...

Also, an interesting little tidbit. The Z06 grenaded during the last session...F1 style. Huge plume of smoke and a one unhappy owner. That is the 2nd vette I've seen blow at the track. No surprise here....
That surprises me. I have heard good things about vettes holding up at the track.
ZR1s were great track cars for their time, so I figured since the C5 was much improved, it would be even more durable at the track. Maybe I was wrong.
ZR1s drop like flys in traffic though.

They can go 175+mph for over 24 hours straight, but stick em in LA traffic and watch that temp gauge rise.

trust me, I know.
My wife and I were shopping for a car for her, and we did not find very many NSXs to look at. Many of the dealer cars had no history, and/or high miles combined with a high price. We had hoped to find a 93 or 94 model year car, but did not have the patience to wait for the right one.

We also looked at 993's and Boxster S’s (we actually preferred the Boxster S overall to the 993. I know that's sacrilege, but that's the way we felt)

We drove a Corvette and really did like the car. Being able to buy a brand new Z06 for less the $50k was attractive enough that we bought the Vette. The Z06 is fast and fun.

I am a general car enthusiast (that’s why I’m hanging around this BB), and don’t have a particular loyalty to any make of car. If we could have found the right ZSX, we probably would have bought it. I think the NSX is quite a bit more attractive looking then the Corvette and after 10 years in production is still a desirable car.

As far as track speed goes, it will probably take a supercharger and a brake upgrade to bring an NSX up to the potential of the Z06. However, as has all ready been pointed out, track speed is only one element of an enjoyable ownership experience.

My wife and I may never drive the Z06 at the track. I have a modded 95 Z28 for running at the track. It’s fast and cheap (probably under $10,000) so I can run the hell out of it and not worry. I run PIR (Portland) all the time and have seen several NSXs. There is a black NSX that is very fast indeed, so with the right mods and driver, they can be quite competitive.


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Jim, that black one is either myself of Jim meyers. I am not sure but did I meet you at the last Alfa track day? There were 2 gentlemen looking to purchase older NSX's tha day, were you one of them?

Also, I hope to see you out at the track in your Z-06!!! The only car I couldnt keep up with at the Alfa event was the Silver Z-06. Man are those suckers quick!!
Hi Edo, I was not one of the guys you met at the last Alfa day, however I was out watching the event.

I run the blue Z28. It was either you or Jim Meyers that passed me on the main straight during the rainy track day not too long ago. I think it was a BMW day.

I have seen the same black NSX at several PIR track days. It has Brembo brakes, an after market exhaust, and is also running street tires, I believe.

I have been running Gforce R1's, although I was on new Hoosiers at the rain day and was surprised at how much grip they had. My Z28 has springs, shocks, and big brakes. The engine is intermally stock, although I have an air intake and Borla exhaust.

If you guys got some racing tires, you'd be 4 plus seconds a lap faster! The silver Z06 was on Hoosiers at the dry Alfa event so a comparison to a car on street tires is not really fair.

Jim, Brembo's + Street tires is definitely my car.
Jim Runs Hoosier slicks and has a Compteceh SC on his car.
And yes, the Rainy BMW club event was also probably me, its just that I couldnt see a DAMN thing in that heavy rain. You could have been driving a Buick Station wagon and I probably wouldn't have been able to discern a difference from a Camaro with the amount of rain that was spraying around each car that day.

In any case, like I said earlier, I hope to see you out at the track next year. What Color is your Z-06?