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NSX w/Tubi with&without Downforce airscoop Movie

15 November 2002
Kongsberg, Norway

I made a little movie of my NSX with Tubi Style Exhaust + K&N filter. I mounted a Downforce Airscoop to it and recorded the difference in sound.

I also filmed Jon-Are's black NSX with Remus exhaust with stock filter.

You can find the movie here

The other films there are one I made after we had a Streetmeet. My NSX and also Jon-Are's is in that one. Also the movie from last summer in the NSX is there.

Let me know what you think of the sound before and after. Please be aware that I have not used a lot of time on the two smallest movies so editing is a little so and so. :smile:

Should give a idea on how Tubi Style sounds like. And also the difference the airscoop makes to the intake sound.


gheba_nsx said:
I was finally able to see it (at work it did not play)... very interesting comparison. Probably at speed the difference would have been bigger... :confused:


We will find out how the sound is at VTEC next weekend. I would believe that the intake sound is much higher than before. And the VTEC switch is more noticeable than before.

So you are surfing and downloading NSX"porn" stuff at work? :wink: