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nsx work shop manual

4 July 2005
S orry guys if i have missed the point....lots of talk about a manual for downloading can't find it can some one give me the thread plz.

many thanks. :smile:
Re: down loadable manual

rtbm said:
help guys i can't find it lots of talk about it...i must be missing the point....thread plz :smile:
click me


S2NSX said:
Is there a way of DL the whole manual rather than using it online?
Yes. You can go to the FAQ, and in the Reference area, you can access a .pdf version of the manual. Save the .pdf file.

However, if you plan to do a lot of work on your car, you're really better off buying the print version here. Just remember that the '91 version is just photocopied, but the identical '93 version is the actual bound manual.
Re: down loadable manual

thanks all most helpful......and i did try the search function on the forum...as i said it must be me!!!

cheers all :smile: