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NSXCC Annual Honda Plant Tour - Wednesday June 17, 2015

6 February 2008
Dundas, On
What an announcement!

We have just been invited back to tour the Honda Canada Manufacturing plant in picturesque Alliston, Ontario on Wednesday June 18th to take part in their annual Associate appreciation BBQ between 12:00p.m. and 5:00p.m.

We will meet up at the Wal Mart in Alliston at 11:30, where one of our long standing members will usher us into the facilities at 12:00 for our 12:15 tour.

The Wal Mart is located at:

30 Dunham Drive
Alliston, ON
L9R 0G1

Members of the NSX Club will have another opportunity to tour the facility (including the CR-V plant this year!) as we did for the last two years and have the Honda employees take photos of our cars and chat with us as the owners. This is a huge event for the employees as Honda's top management will be there cooking for and serving the associates.

After the tour and BBQ, we'll have a quick drive and stop for a drink on the way home.

Even if you took part in previous years, you are more than welcome to come again, the more the merrier! The only stipulation is that one guest in your party (of 2 maximum) must be a current member of the NSXCC to participate.

We will have one or more cruise points set up in the late morning to arrive in groups and be there for the early afternoon. As with last year we must have the first and last name of all attendees no later than June 10, 2015, and we all must wear long pants with closed toe shoes for the plant tour.

Sign up here:

1) Sean +1
2) Shawn C +1
3) Alan L +1
4) Lionel W
5) Daria
6) Paul V
7) Shafik
8) Gabriel M.
9) Frank Graham
10) Barry Dohms
11) Darren S
12) Don S +1
13) Lucas H. + Steve H.
14) Mike W.
15) Paul K
16) Chris W.
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Do we get to go right on to the assembly line floor? Hard hats and everything?? =D
OK, count me in.
Alan +1

Couldn't make it to Robs place recently. Do I email transfer my membership fees for the year? Or pay up at the tour?
Hey guys!

Only two short weeks from the Honda plant tour in Alliston. The long range forecast is looking amazing and everything else is pointing to a spectacular day.

If you've already been to a plant tour, I suggest that if you have the time available you come out for this one as well, as Honda will be conducting a tour of the CR-V plant on site which is the first time that we will have been to visit that part of the operation.

It would be great if we could have yet another excellent showing this year!
Joined just for this.

Coming from the West near the Musashi plant in Arthur in an S2000. No guest for now.

Gabriel Mak
Please add Don & Arlene Stone for the tour on the 17th
also i spoke with Frank G. And he sent an email as he also has 1 guest.
The list above should be current. If you guys notice some information is wrong, please let me know.

Hey guys just an update on the tour. We will be touring Plant 2 where they build the CR-V and Plant 3 where they build the Civic Engines. Look forward to see everyone back again for the Tour and BBQ.

Had a great time today and am thankful for having had the opportunity.

Getting to drive the supercharged Imola home was an experience in itself. Thanks to Chris for that...

Here are some pics I took. I can provide full size with/without the plates wiped out, just ask.










Just wanted to thank everyone that made it out to the Associate Appreciation BBQ at Honda yesterday. It was nice seeing some of the old members as well as meeting and getting to know some of the new ones. The day was a success and that was because of the NSX members. It was nice see all the associates admiring the cars and talking to the members.

On behalf of Honda Canada Manufacturing, Thank you and we hope to see you all back in the near future.

You and Honda Mfg are welcome....we appreciate being invited to the Honda Associates BBQ for a second year and for the support that the Club receive from Honda Canada.

I'm sure next year We'll have the New NSX for review!

You and Honda Mfg are welcome....we appreciate being invited to the Honda Associates BBQ for a second year and for the support that the Club receive from Honda Canada.

I'm sure next year We'll have the New NSX for review!


Third year in a row now Bram!

I'm sorry I missed it; work is crazy on a good day lately.