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NSXCC Annual Honda Plant Tour - Wednesday June 17, 2015

2015-06-19 07.28.12.jpg2015-06-19 07.26.18.jpg20150617_153940(0).jpg
Had a great time; thanks to Paul and gang for arranging!! These are some shots from the B group (plant 2?), before we joined back up with the main group. All around an amazing experience. The only downer was hearing about the test track but not actually being able to take our cars on it in spite of much pleading/negotiation. :mad: Maybe next year? :rolleyes:
Lol, I know, I missed it. It did occur to me too, that Honda's plant test track probably consists more of speed bumps, rumble patches, and wobbles, to test for strange sounds out of the new cars. All things that the NSXs really love, lol. Given that they're testing CRVs, the NSX would probably end up getting beached on some hill obstacle or something. I just had an instinctive response when they mentioned "test track". Heh.