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NSXCC annual Membership renewal party Friday February 28, 2014

Both Laurie and I in

Jim glad that you and Laurie can make it down...it will be fun.


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Maybe organize a NSX dyno day too at my place

Guys if we have enough people interested the Club can set-up a Dyno day, perhaps we can start another thread to see what type of responses we get, choose a date and work from there.

Rob, if you want to check your schedule and see what date would be the best, put the details on the thread and see where it goes from there....

Sure you can Rick....come have some fun.

Plus it is a Red NSX...the fastest ones


Well I guess my rebuild NSX was Red and now Magnum Grey Pearl so I guess she is slower now! ;) But there is a Red on lingering around close by at all times lol

You know...mine was originally red eh lol

That make 2 of us now... was once Red and now something better ;)

Yeah put me down +1, Hopefully I'll have more time this summer to come out to some events! Maybe organize a NSX dyno day too at my place

That makes 2 of us with slower Black cars lol

BTW I'm down for a Dyno Jam Session Day at your shop... who else is in?
The party was a blast, was great to see everyone! Looking forward to another fun-filled season. Thanks to Jim for hosting and the executive for organizing.
A million thanks to Jim & Brenda for hosting once again. Outstanding as always.
For those who missed it ... please renew your memberships as soon as you can to get the colour and size you prefer



For those members who have already renewed their memberships via PayPal, please indicate your shirt colour and size preference to Sean or myself and we will hold them for you..
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Big thanks to Jim and Brenda for hosting the NSXCC membership renewal party at their studio.

The Polo Golf shirts and hats/Toques look great, thanks Owen.