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NSXPO 2017 - Texas Clan

30 December 2016
Houston, TX
I signed up for NSXPO this morning, both the social and the HPDE bits. I plan to drive my NSX up from Houston and thought it might be good to coordinate with others that may be doing the same.

A few thoughts I have right now:

* If anyone is towing and has room for a set of tires, I'd pay to have a spare set brought up and back. I'm pretty sure I'd be fine on a fresh set of rubber, but mistakes happen on track sometimes...

* I'm probably going to want to have the car cleaned after a long drive up. It sounds like there may be a mobile detailer on site? Does anyone have details on that? If not, maybe we could find one and coordinate a deal or something.

My VERY rough plan right now is to head out Sunday, September 3rd and arrive at the hotel Monday night; I'll stay in a hotel along the way, of course. I plan to head home on the 9th, a day early.
Hi Robert, I know there are a few driving up from Houston and San Antonio.
I will be heading up on the 6th from Dallas.